Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Some Thoughts on Sandy Hook and Media Influence

I woke up this morning thinking about Sandy Hook, and I had a thought that has crossed my mind many times before. All of this media technology that we've so quickly accepted as a good thing has intentionally been used to introduce the rest of the world to us in the privacy (?) of our homes through newspapers, radio, television, and then the internet, but prior to their introduction we didn't concern ourselves very much at all with events that were going on with people we don't know halfway around the world. Local events and people we knew personally were all that mattered. Eliminate the media, or at least localize it, and the perceived problems that we worry about virtually disappear.

Because of this fact, it's actually quite unnatural to concern ourselves too much about children or anyone else who may or may not have been killed in a purported travesty that we would otherwise never hear about and would therefore have no effect on us at all. Millions of people die every single day, by every means imaginable, whether they might be babies or senior citizens, innocents or not-so-innocents, important figures or nobodies, through violence, accidents, or natural causes. That's just a fact of life.

Just ask yourself these questions: How often do you hear about the deaths or travesties of people in your own community? How many of them do you really even know? Who in your community that die, or have crimes committed against them, do you never hear about? Why is who they are and their personal misfortune considered so much less important than those you DO hear about? What causes you to concern yourself with events that go on in communities that have absolutely no association to you? Who or what goads you to concern yourself?

YES, I care about young children, no matter who they are or where they live. I just naturally love them and feel for them. I also care about the threats that lie outside my community that may eventually affect me here at home. However, this fact of human nature (caring) can be abused as much as any other, for purposes that we don't always know or understand, and because of our media technologies more than anything else it CAN and IS being abused to influence us to think and act outside of our natural human state, overlooking our own local world and engrossing ourselves in matters that take place elsewhere.

But of course, what I've just said was merely prompted from a hazy thought that I had while still waking up, so let's move on to matters that we might think are less sleep-induced...

By all appearances, to those who are awake, the Sandy Hook 'shooting' was a fake news event at a fake school involving fake evidence and fake victims who were presented with their fake families in fake photos to present a fake scenario of fake violence perpetrated by a fake suspect whose suicidal death was faked in order to fake the fact that fake guns and fake pharmaceuticals played a fake part in a fake crime that was reported to us by fake reporters giving fake news stories to fake the facts about fake crimes that give them a fake reason to continue to offer fake news.

What is even real any more?

Why do we allow ourselves to be emotionally influenced by all this, and allow it to act on our imaginations to create the perception of a larger world that only makes us fear each other here at home as much as anywhere?

Who is affected by this the most - those who are still sleeping, or those who are waking up and paying attention?

While we study these fake stories and attempt to make sense of the many inconsistencies and constant changes in the 'official' stories, we often forget that these inconsistencies are very often purposefully intended to keep us busy chasing false leads. This just shows that we're still not fully awake.

As an example of purposeful misdirection, very early on when the Sandy Hook story hit the news on December 14, 2012, a law enforcement official (or someone claiming to be one), speaking under conditions of anonymity, told the Associated Press that the shooter was Ryan Lanza, that Adam Lanza was being held in New Jersey for questioning, and that their mother worked at the school as a teacher. According to the original story be the Associated Press, "The official spoke on the condition of anonymity because the source was not authorized to speak on the record about the developing criminal investigation."

So we should ask ourselves, apart from many other questions that this media event raises, WHY was this person speaking at all, if not to obfuscate the facts and send 'conspiracy theorists' chasing false leads?

Looking back in retrospect, we can see the amount of confusion information like this tends to create, making it virtually impossible to bring everybody who's following the story up to speed and thereby dividing them in their beliefs and understandings and causing a lot of infighting that just slows down discovery of the truth.

Little things that get passed off early on as inconsequential matters (such as the fact that this information was given anonymously) are later forgotten or not even recognized, while the tainted information continues to be accepted as fact and mulled over for a long time afterwards. In this particular case, as well as many others, the paper trail back to the original source of information disappears, making it almost impossible to unwind the story and review it in a new light of clearer wakefulness.

These news events pass through our minds like we're in a dream and we don't take much notice of the little details that would reveal that it's just a dream.

Only rarely does anyone bother to archive information about events like Sandy Hook at the moment that they first get it, so that it can be reanalyzed later on if required. We can't rely on a complicit media or anyone else to preserve such key pieces of evidence for us, as with the case here (the Associated Press later removed the article that contained this information from an 'anonymous law enforcement official'). Only by preserving the details we come across that make up the full 'dream sequence' can we later wake ourselves up from the illusions and recognize what is real and what is not.

But maybe it's all just so tiring to do so, and falling back asleep is easier. I don't know...

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Some Conversations About Spokespeople in the TI Community

(These facebook conversations are from 2013. I’m reposting them to save myself the trouble of having to repeat myself and explain my position when my character and motives are attacked. My responses are in blue.)

Duck Hunt
3:58am Feb 15

To Anthony - this is the biggest problem for victims, division, compartmentalization (sorry, have no idea how to spell that). We need one unifying idea we can all agree upon and I see there is urgent need to take "conspiracy flair" from TI, Mk, rfid, etc. issues, we have to legalize them and make communities admit it as a fact that is necessary to be investigated - legally, technically, biologically, medically, socially and psychologically. We need trustworthiness in the issue, science, etc. And each of us needs information from one source, maybe some already existing organization or group?

There is a major problem with relying on one source for information, Duck Hunt. A single source of information gives that source the ability to control the group and what it believes. It can easily lead to cultism, which I see taking place with certain people who act as ‘spokespeople’ for many TIs. When many people rely on a single source (or a few sources who work together and effectively support each other), and begin to put more and more trust and reliance on it, ‘groupthink’ is the result. When this happens, you have a problem where the weight of common belief among the group tends to cause critical thinking to be avoided, and the introduction of alternative ideas come to be seen by the group as an aberration on the harmony of the group, who all follow the same belief. Critical thinking and alternative ideas NEED to be introduced to assure that groupthink doesn’t occur and people don’t get led astray with false information. In TI groups especially, where many of the facts behind the issues aren’t at all certain and people are already weakened by their situations, someone acting as a single source of information has incredible power to take advantage of the group and draw it away from ideas and information that they might not want people to consider. The intel agencies that are essentially responsible for all this targeting know this very well, and can and will create spokespeople who have the ability to develop a strong following. Even apart from the influence of intel agencies, spokespeople can take advantage of the situation and start milking the group for money or personal power. I see it happening regularly. This is exactly how cults develop. I see signs of this in these groups as well.

Marika Bandera
5:19pm Feb 15

Anthony, I would like to inform you , that if you want't those specifics, feel free to reach NSA in the USA ! I am sure they will be glad to provide you with all the information you are seeking . Or you may hire yourself an expert in these weapons and devices ! Magnus, Lars, or Jesee , do not owe you specifically any information disclosure . Simple as that . Additionally , as lawyer's say , " you would like others' the above mentioned TIs' to serve you information you are seeking on a silver platter with gold trim " ! And that , isn't going to happen to you . If you want something , nothing is for nothing .You want something , you have to work for it ! Meaning, go, seek what you are looking for on your own !

No, it’s not as simple as that, for the sake of being honest with all the TIs who might fall for these spokespeople’s claims.

Scientific explanations for the technology that Magnus Olsson (or anyone else) claims to exist don’t require contacting the NSA. Scientific facts are verifiable through other sources. Making legitimate claims about the technology requires knowing it well enough to describe how it works in scientific terms. That’s what anybody should expect. The point is, Ollson and these others you mention act like they’re so certain of themselves that they go around promoting their claims as fact when it should be DEMANDED that they have ascertained that there are no other explanations for the experiences that TIs are having, otherwise they’re nothing more than con artists and snake-oil salesmen. It’s as simple as THAT.

And why are you so willing to support them, anyway? What’s in this for you, Marika Bandera? Since you so quickly call me a perp for rightfully questioning the claims of Olsson without having any apparent reason to believe them yourself, why are you and certain others acting as his front-line defense? It could be that YOU are a perp, helping in a psyop program. I’ve already done the research to prove scientifically that these implant technologies have to be other than what is being claimed by so many snake-oil salesmen that come and go and damage the clarity of mind regarding the facts that TIs need to have to get help for their situation. Without those facts, there’s never going to be any way to prove beyond any reasonable doubt to a court or other government body that the experiences TIs are having are legitimate. I don’t doubt that TIs experiences ARE real, but not what people like Olsson, Beltran, and many others who have come and gone claim they are. This will only make TIs look delusional without them having those facts to present when the time comes to face the authorities with them. So, until then, what’s the point of Olsson going around giving lectures to more and more TIs to draw them into his following, instead of collecting the necessary facts that will prove this in a court of law, which he and Beltran and others SHOULD be doing if they really want to help them?

If you don’t get it, and you really have nothing to gain by supporting him by arguing with TIs like me who want evidence that will actually hold up in court, I advice you to back the fuck off NOW.

Marika Bandera commented on Hunam Sanctem's post in Targeted Individuals International.

Marika Bandera
6:09am Feb 15

I do not believe that I have to back up anything about Magnus legitimacy to you or anyone here , really . Those of us who know him , we know him that's good enough for us how , or what we know about his crudential , or work. Besides, Magnus is busy giving lectures and seminars in Europe about the technologies and weapons being used on individuals wide spread in Europe and North America . That's more than most of us all together have ever done so far here on this side of the globe. Lars in Europe is also very active and engaged giving seminars like Magnus! If you want to know more, feel free to ask another great activist here in america Jesse Beltran who made the effort to meet personally both Magnus and Lars, as well many other European TI's ! Jesse was also interviewed on " White TV- channel ", in Sweden together with others. All 3 of the above gentleman work in co-ordinated fashion to inform the general public about TI happenings ! It's regretful if anyone here lacks to follow these 3 great guys activist work . Since all 3 of them forward to the rest of us updates of their ongoing activities in from of websites, and or videos ! If I may add , I most certainly do not know neither one of your's credential if you guys' here are even legitimate TI to start with , but I don't pick bones with you about it! If I may suggest, instead of ranting here , perhaps you guys may want to consider take a more active role and be a true activists. You can get in touch with Jesse, should you need any tips, on how to ! Hope i have answered your questions satisfactory !

Marika Bandera gives a very good example of what I warn about with these spokespeople who act as supposed ‘informed parties’ and start to seek a following that can lead to a cult following (and seems to be, in Magnus’ and Jesse’s case). Do you not already see how his ardent believers have developed groupthink and close themselves off to alternative opinions? This is why it’s extremely crucial that Magnus provide the technical information that would support his claims. This is also why it’s important that he doesn’t close himself off to questions from outsiders who haven’t bought into his belief system. She says that he’s busy talking elsewhere about the tech, but that doesn’t qualify as a reason to avoid the hard questions. I have looked at some of his information, and find it very weak on facts. It’s far easier for him to keep looking for new audiences and introducing his ideas to them than to face those left behind who have since looked further into what he says and discerned the faults within it. He, and others like him, always expect the questioners to follow a paper trail of useless information that they refer to as ‘evidence’. He should be focused on facts, not his own subjective interpretation of his or other’s experiences based on mere assumptions drawn from a few facts that don’t really add up to what he claims.

Jesse Beltran is another person I would like to talk to and ask some serious questions.

That these people work together is extremely suspicious as well. That any of them are too busy giving lectures, or that they have been on TV, is completely irrelevant. That just shows that they’re interested in popularity and/or money. I’ve been asked on a number of occasions to go to TI conferences and speak (even offered money to do so), and I immediately refused. I’m NOT going to go that route and get caught up in the glory or even possible manipulation as a psyop dupe, as I think these people are. TIs around the world can already access what I have to say through my published work. What’s the point of wasting my time like these others do going around repeating myself over and over when my energies are better spent doing more research to find out more facts and eliminate the myths and fallacies?

I wonder, Marika Bandera, what do these ‘updates’ actually consist of? What valuable new information could these spokespeople possibly be getting when they’re so busy giving lectures and scanning for implants?

BTW, my credentials are shown in the quality of my published work. Have you ever seen the diplomas that Olsson should have from his schooling in economics (which is another word for marketing)? Or do you just accept that he’s telling the truth and then buy into everything else he tells you?

Picking bones’, as you call it, is important. As for taking an active role, Marika Bandera, you just need to look at my work so far. I put ALL my time into this, all day, every day, for years now. If anything, I deserve a pat on the back, not your ignorant slights and accusations.

Here are some links to some of my work that you can start with, if you have the wherewithal to consider it…

This next one is the ONLY one I ask money for, and only a very small amount…

Marika Bandera commented on Hunam Sanctem's post in Targeted Individuals International.

Marika Bandera
6:40am Feb 15

Thank you Michael . As anyone who knows me by now I don't beat around the bush and most certainly don't go around picking on any TI or pretend to be more smarter or important than any other person here ! After all, we are all of us here in this predicament together ! No one is lesser or better ! Mutual respect for TIs' is my policy .

Liar. You just picked on me and Hunam Sanctem for daring to think critically about the claims of Olsson. Just because we’re all facing similar problems doesn’t entitle you to try to knock someone’s intelligence down to your level so you feel more of an equal. It’s up to you to smarten up, in every sense of that term. Nobody here is claiming to be smarter or more important than everyone else. Sorry for you that you see it that way and can’t deal with it. That’s how lazy fools excuse themselves from having to actually think or be useful members of society. I’m NOT going to kiss anybody’s ass and descend to their level of thinking just to fit in and be liked. This issue is FAR too important for that sort of social behavior. TIs who want support should be willing to learn, as much as anything, and how I support TIs is to educate them. If you don’t want that, go hang out somewhere else, or avoid whatever threads I’m in. It’s as simple as that.

FEB. 12/2014 NOTE: After posting a link to my latest blog entry in the group POLICE - MILITARY - MIND CONTROL on facebook, I was immediately kicked out by the moderator, Denis O’Sullivan, and then Marika Bandera began attacking me online in other groups and completely misrepresenting what I had said in that blog as well as my character. I believe, from looking at the members of that group and recognizing many of the names from past experiences with them, that that group is a cult group. Beware!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Targeting: Mapping Brain Activity

There is an axiom used in science that relates to this problem, which is that "the map is not the territory". What this means is that a map or model can never be as detailed as the thing it represents. That being the case, consider what would be entailed in mapping a person's entire brain. With 100 billion individual neurons, each having as many as ten thousand connections to other neurons, and each connection being able to express at least two states (i.e. on or off), it would require 2,000,000,000,000,000 (2 quadrillion) bits of data space on a computer to record all brain activity for a single moment of time.

But of course, this wouldn't do for any sort of mind-reading technology, because brain activity takes time before anything meaningful can be made of it. Neurons take as little as a millisecond (1/1000 of a second) to fire, so for an accurate reading we would want to be sure to take at least a thousand readings per second. And even one second won't reveal much, so for all practical purposes, let's say one hour is the minimum time allotment for reading one person's brain activity. There are 3,600 seconds in an hour, so we need 3,600,000 times more data space, or:
2,000,000,000,000,000 (neural connections)
x                3,600,000 (milliseconds per hour)

= 7,200,000,000,000,000,000,000 bits of data space for one hour for one person.

That's nearly 900,000 petabytes! (A petabyte is 1 million gigabytes.) This is comparable to the amount of data that gets transmitted over the internet in the equivalent amount of time. As you can imagine, this wouldn't be very practical at all, even if it were possible. This only accounts for the data space needed for storing the information, which says nothing about the active memory space that would be needed to work with it. It doesn't take into account long-term storage requirements for dictionaries of all the various signature frequency patterns and their meanings. It also doesn't take into account how this information would be interfaced by a human user. And remember, every person's brain is different, so each person would require a separate map and dictionary of signature patterns.

This should help to put things into proper perspective. As you can see, mapping the human brain at this level of precision is completely impractical in terms of data storage requirements, and after taking into account all the various problems I've explained elsewhere regarding remotely reading the brain's electromagnetic activity, this goes beyond just being impractical and becomes impossible.

There are other ways than brain mapping and remote electromagnetic influencing that are far easier to accomplish and less resource intensive to force a person to act, feel, or think outside of their own control. I've been researching this and the implementation is quite simple, really. It's based on hypnosis. With V2K technology, a hypnotic tone can be used to put a person into the appropriate state for hypnotic induction, after which the hypnotic suggestions/commands are inserted. Another method is to use the appropriate electromagnetic frequency (somewhere around 11 Hz) to induce the appropriate hypnotic state, which can be done even while the person is sleeping.

With V2K, subliminal audio messages can be directly inserted into the subconscious without the awake person being aware of it. If the person is being targeted while asleep, the messages don't necessarily have to be subliminal, but it would probably be safer for the attacker that they were.

Hypnosis allows suggestions or commands to be inserted that will be acted on later, when the person is no longer in a hypnotic state. The commands can be quite crafty, in that they can defeat any conscious attempts to override them or to even accept the possibility that the person has been hypnotized, thereby securing against discovery.

Hypnosis has also been shown to cause a telepathic connection between the hypnotist and the hypnotized subject, so that once it's established, suggestions can be given in this way. Another fact about hypnosis is that the more often the subject is hypnotized by the hypnotist, the easier the subject responds to him, and therefore the better the telepathic connection becomes.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

A Historical Look at Giants (From 'They Would Be Gods')

In The Cosmic War: Interplanetary Warfare, Modern Physics and Ancient Texts, author Joseph P. Farrell donates a chapter to the subject of giants. In it, he offers some strong evidence that they actually lived on our planet at one time.

The first piece of evidence that Farrell points to is a certain treatise entitled Concerning the Long Life of Men Before the Flood, and the Greater Size of Their Bodies, which was written by no less than St. Augustine of Hippo (354 – 430 AD). In this treatise, St. Augustine attests to having personally seen, on the shore of Utica, the skeletal remains of giant men. He describes the molar tooth of one such giant as being one hundred times the size of a normal human molar. These could not have been mistakenly identified dinosaur bones, since there were a number of them to judge by, and it would be hard to misidentify the skull that the molar came from as anything but that of a hominid. St. Augustine also wrote that such remains often became “laid bare by age or the force of rivers and various accidents”, which indicates that these graves may not have been so old as to have become completely fossilized in hard rock strata, but were instead embedded in earth that was still soft enough that natural erosion could easily expose them. This would suggest that these giants lived not so far in the past with respect to St. Augustine himself.

Another piece of evidence that Farrell offers comes from another very reliable source: the Roman historian, Pliny the Elder (23 – 79 AD). Pliny is said to have reported that the Romans had observed a living giant whose bones were later brought from Joppa in Judea by Marcus Scaurus. The skeleton was described as being over forty feet long, with a spine that was one and a half feet thick. If such a report was true (and there’s no reason to doubt that it was), then this means that such large giants had lived during Roman times.

To clarify this, Farrell informs us that the great explorers Vespucci, De Soto, Drake, Magellan, and Coronado all had encounters with living giants in the Americas, although they were not of such a degree in size as that which Pliny had reported. Still, these giants living in the Americas were variously reported as anywhere from nine to twelve feet tall. We should also note the connections that have already been made between South American cultures and the survivors of a deluge, which, as we have already seen, the biblical giants survived. It’s not unimaginable that some of these giants may have ventured to new lands after this event. In fact, Patagonia, Chile, is known as a former land of giants. This is where Magellan came across them in 1520, as did Sir Francis Drake fifty-eight years later. Several skeletons, over ten feet long, were discovered here in 1615 by crewmen from the Dutch schooner, Wilhelm Schouten.

Farrell also points to other evidence that exists in the form of archeological remains, and lists a number of findings that have been made of giant human skeletons of varying proportions, but none so extreme as that described by Pliny the Elder and St. Augustine.

In his book, Farrell also provides an interesting photograph taken in London, England in the nineteenth century, that shows one such mummified giant standing in a large coffin that rests upright against the back of a railroad car. The giant is said to stand twelve feet, two inches tall, and, as can be clearly seen in the photograph, its head easily overlooks the top of the railroad car. The picture of this giant was featured in the December issue of Strand magazine in 1895. This picture has also been reprinted in the August/September 2001 issue of Nexus magazine, along with the original article. The giant was discovered by a prospector in County Antrim, Ireland. The original article states that the right foot had six toes.

Much of Farrell’s information on giants comes from the earlier work of Stephen Quayle, who obviously goes into the subject in far greater detail in his own book, Genesis 6 Giants: Master Builders of Prehistoric and Ancient Civilizations.

In the mid to late 1800s, a large number of finds were made in certain areas of North America of giants who appear to have been of kingly status. These particular giants were all between seven and eight feet tall, and had each been buried under a large earthen mound, with care taken to encase the bodies in makeshift coffins made of stone slabs. Some had been adorned with crowns, copper bracelets, swords and armor, and some even buried with great treasures. In some instances there were indications of a written language. These people, and the mounds that were associated with them, the latter of which can be found in many areas of the United States, are believed to have lived in North America before the American Indians arrived, and were a distinct and separate race from them.

Another find was made in Lompock Rancho, California in 1833, when soldiers dug up the skeleton of a twelve foot tall man along with weapons and other artifacts that were carved with strange symbols. Amazingly, this giant was found to have a double row of teeth. This find was apparently reburied in an unknown location. Other giants with double sets of teeth, seven of them, have been found under mounds in Clearwater, Minnesota.

The Indianapolis News, Nov, 10, 1975, described a nine foot, eight inch skeleton that was excavated from a mound near Brewersville, Indiana in 1879.

Seven skeletons of giants were found buried under a mound in Clearwater, Minnesota, in 1888. They had been placed in a sitting position, and each had double rows of teeth.

A huge stone sarcophagus was excavated in Crittenden, Arizona in 1891, containing the much-deteriorated remains of a twelve foot tall giant. Carvings on the granite coffin indicated that he had six toes.

In 1923, in the Grand Canyon, Arizona, a man by the name of Samuel Hubbard discovered two human skeletons that were fifteen and eighteen feet tall, respectively. Along with these, he also found a large number of footprints on an ancient beach, as much as twenty inches long, as well as that of a large elephant and a very small horse. He also found drawings that depicted elephants, ostriches, ibexes, dinosaurs, and a serpent with an egg in its mouth.

The Review-Miner, June 19, 1931, reported the discovery of two large human skeletons in the Humboldt lake bed near Lovelock, Nevada. One was eight and a half feet tall, while the other was almost ten feet tall.

In 1932, at White Sands, New Mexico, human footprints were discovered in gypsum rock that measured twenty-two inches long and eight to ten inches wide.

Human footprints were found in solid rock in Braton, Tennessee, measuring thirty-three inches long and twelve inches wide, and having six toes.

Nine foot tall human skeletons, as well as the bones of what appeared to be tigers and dinosaurs, were found in Death Valley in 1947.

Another story is given by the author Ivan T. Sanderson, who relates that an engineer stationed on the Aleutian Islands during World War II uncovered a mound-type grave filled with the remains of giants. The craniums of these humans reportedly measured up to twenty-four inches from base to crown, where normally they should measure only about eight inches. These skulls were also trepanned, a practice that’s found among certain ancient cultures around the world (such as we saw with the Maya). These remains are apparently locked away at the Smithsonian Institute, being suppressed from public awareness.

Giant human skeletons have been found in Mexico as well. A New York Herald-Tribune article for June 21, 1925, and a Washington Post article for June 22, 1925, reported that miners had unearthed human skeletons measuring ten to twelve feet tall near Sisoguiche, Mexico. Also, in 1926, the bones of giants who averaged over ten feet in height were discovered at or near Nayarit, Mexico. And on October 2, 1927, the Los Angeles Times reported that gigantic human bones were found near Tapextla, Mexico.

The New York Times of February 14, 1936, reported that the headless skeleton of gigantic proportions was discovered in the Chontales district of Nicaragua, with ribs a yard long and four inches wide, and the shin bone too heavy for one man to carry.

The report of the skeleton of a thirteen foot tall giant, dressed in full armor with sword and battle-axe, found in Cumberland, England, was made in a book entitled History And Antiquities Of Allerdale, which stems from the Middle Ages. The teeth were six inches long and two inches wide.

The remains of exceptionally tall giants have been found in France from time to time. In 1456, a twenty-three foot tall human skeleton was found by a river in Valence, France. In 1577, the skeleton of a human, almost twenty feet tall, was unearthed from under an oak tree in the Canton of Lucerne, France. In 1613, a skeleton, more than twenty-five feet tall, was found near the castle of Chaumont, in France.

In the 1950s, in southeast Turkey, road workers came upon a number of tombs containing human giants. Several of the thigh bones measured over forty-seven inches long, and their deceased owners were estimated to have been from fourteen and sixteen feet tall.

Australia has also had its share of discoveries. These giants have been labeled ‘magenthropus’ by anthropologists, and were from seven to twelve feet tall. Many have been found near Bathurst, New South Wales. A human molar tooth was found in the area by naturalist Rex Gilroy, which measured 67 x 50 x 42 mm in size, coming from a giant that is estimated to have been twenty-five feet tall. A number of immense fossilized footprints have also been found, some of these measuring seven inches across the toes and about two feet in length. The largest of them is estimated to have come from a twenty foot tall human. These prints are dated to millions of years old. Footprints found in sandstone near Kempsey, N.S.W. by Noal Reeves were made by a giant who stood an estimated seventeen feet tall. The aborigines of Australia claim that giants inhabited the land before them.

In the Philippines, a human skeleton was reportedly found that measured seventeen feet tall.

In China, the remains of other giants have been found, labeled ‘gigantopithecus blacki’, after their discoverer. These giants are estimated to have been from ten to twelve feet tall.

In researching this subject, it appears that the remains of human giants have been found throughout the world, on all continents, dating back from millions of years ago right up to the very recent past.

The reduced height of giants in the more recent reports, such as those encountered in the Americas by early explorers, suggests that they had slowly lost their great stature over the generations. If we consider that in the Old Testament Bible, it’s shown that the original human race had life spans of almost one thousand years, and that these life spans gradually became shorter and shorter over the generations, then it is quite reasonable to speculate that the stature of these giants also decreased over the generations, and for similar reasons.