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Perps in Conference - Exhibit D

The following is a public post on facebook by the persona 'Osi Informers', and my unanswered response...

Osi Informers posted in Targeted Individuals California (WestCoast)

Osi Informers
6:31pm Mar 25


After many years of research and experience, We have discovered that this Scheme and Crime known as Organized Gang Stalking and Technological Harassment is ALWAYS perpetrated by and operates using a SCRIPT!. People wonder and ask "Why and how are these criminals able to recruit and enlist so many people into this Criminal Harassment Conspiracy? The simple factual answer to that is by MANIPULATION and SCRIPTING! from what is known as an Organized Gang Stalking Street Theater Harassment SCRIPT!. When victims of this crime have their personal and private information repeated or Parroted back to them by strangers and family in the form of Directed Conversations criminal harassment, it is done by these strangers and your family following a harassment SCRIPT!, when victims of this scheme and crime are being harassed using a certain theme, it is being done with a SCRIPT!, When these criminals asks or coerce you into saying, repeating or relaying something to a victim of this scheme and crime, they are handing you a criminal harassment SCRIPT to harass or psychologically terrorize someone else, and that criminal harassment SCRIPT is the rotten core, basis, fuel, and essence of this crime!


Harassment SCRIPTS are meant to harass us and other victims of this scheme and crime, and you are NOT obligated in ANY manner to do ANYTHING these criminal individuals may ask or attempt to illegally order you to do!, These perpetrator criminals are NOT of ANY authority to make you do anything!, Simply give them a stern WARNING! not to SOLICIT you to harass other individuals!

IF ANYONE SENDS YOU A MESSAGE AND ATTEMPTS TO (SOLICIT) YOU TO READ, SAY OR RELAY ANY TYPE OF CRIMINAL HARASSMENT (SCRIPT) PLEASE REPORT IT TO US ASAP! and post the perpetrator individual(s) internet handle and any available details about them online and warn others and the
public, that these individuals are attempting to criminally SOLICIT you to harass other individuals!

2 Facts to consider and realize.

(1.) By being SOLICITED by these criminal individuals to criminally harass other individuals by relaying or repeating information, on or offline, These criminals and YOU are involving yourself in a Criminal Harassment Conspiracy against the victim(s) and are liable to be sued and prosecuted!.

(2.) The CRIMINALS that are SOLICITING you or trying to coerce or intimidate you into doing this online are NOT of ANY authority whatsoever to ask or make you do ANYTHING and You are NOT required to do anything they may attempt to solicit you to do, You are NOT obligated to read, repeat or relay ANY type of information or follow ANY type of script from ANYONE!, Even if someone claiming to be "law enforcement" or "secret service" sent you a message and demanded that you do so, this would be CRIMINAL and AGAINST THE LAW! and you would also have the right to take legal action against the individual(s) for Criminal Harassment and Cyber Harassment. So unless you are an extremely ignorant weak individual that allows yourself to be manipulated and taken advantage of to serve the illegal criminal agenda of these criminals, just simply SAY NO to them and refuse to submit or comply to them and warn them not to harass you and SOLICIT you to harass other individuals on the internet with SCRIPTS!

To those that have read this information and SCRIPT WARNING! and ignore it and continue to engage in the relaying of SCRIPT harassment and criminal menacing of others, know that you're name and details will be added to a lengthy list of future lawsuits and criminal prosecutions.

By raising awareness of and exposing this Criminal Harassment SCRIPTING, We and others believe that this is one of the best and proactive methods and approach in combating and to begin putting and end to this Scheme and Crime!. If these criminals are unable to criminally SOLICIT the assistance of others to follow
their Harassment SCRIPT due to awareness of this SCRIPTING, then they are unable to enlist others to Stalk Harass and Violate others, which will render this scheme and crime useless!

Again simply refuse and say NO! to these criminals and sternly warn them not to harass you and SOLICIT you to harass others.

Thank you for you're time and attention and please help to circulate this information if you want to see the beginning of the end of this crime scheme!.

* * *

Is this a joke, Osi Informer? Are you really this stupid? Is this just another one of your brainless schemes to fish for gullible TIs who might actually fall for the idea that you have some sort of power or authority behind you?

I mean, really… I see right through this scam you’re posting!

The whole idea that someone is going around online asking people to say certain things to others or follow some sort of script is ridiculous, and you know damn well that it is! There’s something deeper to this latest scheme of yours…

You run a regular conference call for whatever reason, and you know you can create and concurrently run multiple false personalities in order to anonymously attack real TIs coming on to talk about their GS and EH, so you know quite well that nobody needs to be asked to follow any script! One person can do it all on their own!

And while I’m responding to this suspicious, fear-mongering announcement of yours, I’d like to ask, what makes you think YOU deserve to be informed by ANYBODY about any such suspicious activity? After all, if it’s actually YOU who is involved in what you’re describing, then getting names from the people approached by your other personas would only benefit you, wouldn’t it?

In fact, since I and others already think that you’re doing exactly what I suggest you are, this announcement of yours would only seem logical to do, from a perps point of view. It’s a standard tactic in criminal gangs and secret societies to weed out those who aren’t totally trustable from those who are, and this announcement of yours smells like it’s intended to do just that. Let me explain to others how this works so that they’ll know and can defend themselves, and I’ll use you as the lead scumbag…

You want to create a cult group of completely loyal and trustable suckers who’ll follow you like you were their god, so you need to test both their trust and their gullibility from time to time. In this particular scenario you’ve created, you first make friends with them under your current fake identity (Osi Informer), and get them to the point where they take part in your activities and seem to trust you enough to tell you things. Once they’re at this point, you then create a number of fake accounts and approach these people using those fake accounts, and you ask them to do this script thing on someone else you’ve gained the confidence of and want to also test. If either of them comes back and reports this to you (Osi Informer), then you know the person reporting trusts you enough to tell you about it. However, if either of them DOESN’T come and tell you, you know that they’re either too smart for your scam, in which case you don’t waste any more time ‘turning’ them, or they’re loyal to either you (Osi Informer) or the other fake persona you’ve used to exploit them, in which case your little game can take on another dimensionality of manipulation.

It’s quite obvious that such a smart cookie like you would already know all this, but others don’t, and that’s what makes this so suspicious, coming from you.

I suggest people avoid passing information about others around except PUBLICLY where that person can see it and answer to it (or remain silent as a sheep if it’s entirely true), otherwise you’re engaging in the very same activities that gang-stalking groups are defined by – and that’s what you become! After all, if you REALLY have an issue about what someone says or does, you should have no reason to whisper about it behind their back, and should instead speak up and approach THEM, rather than to report it to someone you don’t really know the character or the intentions of and who uses a fake persona, like Osi Informer does.

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Perps in Conference - Exhibit C

· March 13 at 2:24pm

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    Vigilante Bridges LaBomb
    28 February · Sent from Web
    Sondergeld Kay R
    Hunam, blocking is a mistak
  • Elior Tichner they dont sound like perps, just tyrants lol
  • Anthony Forwood tyrrants ARE perps.
  • Hunam Sanctem indeed they are.
  • Memory Shock there anything that has come from the conference calling except for datamining and poor therapy sessions?

    I don't think that they are going to admit to the data mining wonder OSI wants his privacy. Perhaps he is afraid that what ever they are doing with the information of others will happen to him...
  • Hunam Sanctem haha precisely! robbing people off the rights of their targeting and rendering them public domain is as fraudulent as it can get
  • Anthony Forwood I agree, MS. I'm always conscious of the possible reactions by perps to whatever I say online.
  • Anthony Forwood Gibve them lots to study me with... keep them busy.
  • Osi Informers Hey ANTHONY and MEMORY SHOCK none of those individuals mentioned in your BS post are even members of our organization, therefore not even associated with us, I advise you to correct your LYING SLANDERING statement about OSI, running "scams" and "data mining" If not we will simply add BOTH of you to a long list of lawsuits and criminal prosecutions! We are aware that there is a handful of CRIMINALS coaching people like you 2 and others up to attempting to slander and smear our organization because we are exposing them. The choice is yours either remove your LYING SLANDEROUS statement or be prosecuted!
  • Osi Informers Your above libelous comments have been recorded and documented as evidence of your criminal SLANDER and CHARACTER ASSASSINATION, and will be used against you....
  • Memory Shock Lawsuit away, OSI...even if they aren't associated (why was the Talk Shoe group started and associated with the conference calls?) the calls lead to my and others being harassed by Nana Faye and her friends - so there is a level of data mining and targeting going on through something YOU propagate (the irony is pretty obvious).

    Second - your affiliation with Gamanche is suspect in my opinion. Fine, I don't think you were part of the reason that Nana Faye hijacked the below referenced message (which one of the people within says they will use FB as their personal profit mill) but I still have to wonder how the talk shoe group is affiliated with your calls. I was threatened and I'm pissed off about it, OSI, so suck it up and start answering some basic questions because your ridiculous inability to do anything but call slander is just poor contribution.

    Conversation started December 21, 2012
    Greg Gamache

    forward this message to friends, share the news

    Greg Gamache

    Osi Informers

    What message?

    Stefanie Van de Velde


    Osi Informers


    How did you get everyone invites in here?

    True Jacky

    Is only 3 of us in here?
  • Osi Informers You've got it!
  • Memory Shock Read the whole post you daft dimwit...
  • Osi Informers Your dimwit ass can spend some time in prison
  • Memory Shock Based on what?
  • Osi Informers You and Anthony can either remove you slanderous statements about our organization "data mining" and running "scams" or you will find out based on what
  • Memory Shock Yawn...just read the rest of the post and tell me why someone affiliated in some way with your show/or Talk Shoe group threatened myself and people we know. What do you know about Nana Faye?
  • Osi Informers Noone in our organization threatened you until you made the slanderous comments about our organization being involved in data mining, now I am threatening you legally! Im going to give you one last chance to remove you slanderous statements....
  • Memory Shock Do it, OSI...I don't really care. It will go no where.

    Your refusal to answer the questions is telling...
  • Osi Informers Ohh then we will see about that! this whole thread has been screen capped recorded and documented and will be used to prosecute you, its only a matter of time.......
  • Osi Informers I am also reporting both of you to facebook for slander as well, Im going to have your account shut down
  • Memory Shock Not that I am trying to persuade you to cease whatever legal action you want to do; by all means, go for it. But I'm reading the message that lead me to believe that you were affiliated with Nana...I'm starting to get the impression that you aren't and Jacky Man's contributions in the conversation are helping you out a lot, OSI. I still dislike this tendency I have to get into arguments with TI's and then continue cordially with them...I have no problem admitting when I am wrong. I still think that you don't answer near enough questions and have some issue with constructive conversation but whatever.

    Further, the following aspects of the conversation are very disturbing and were apart of a conversation that you were apart of in the beginning, OSI. I would think that you would be interested in the type of people who are using your conference calls to datamine for people to harass. You should denounce them as vehemently as you are denouncing me, OSI...though it should be noted that you added people to the conversation prior to the questionable content - I have this recorded as well.


    Karen Lynn Dark-Heart

    its like work, or we'll have you killed.

    remind everyone not to work for a corperation..

    Greg Swan
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    Karen Lynn Dark-Heart

    i dont think its worth it though

    life is more inportant thain some dumb gadgit.

    Karen Lynn Dark-Heart

    nothing says ur fired like a bulit in the head..


    January 22
    Vigilante Bridges LaBomb
    This message is no longer available because it was identified as abusive or marked as spam.

    Susanne Diaz


    Alejandro Dan Brown


    Susanne Diaz

    we are going to transform FB into our personal profit mill
  • Memory Shock See? No threats here. Only questions with viable reason for the questions. Perhaps you can contribute likewise? I currently have shown what has lead me to my beliefs, shown content, such as the following in the same private message conversation,
    December 25, 2012
    12/25/12Osi Informers added Tracy Ann.
    12/25/12Osi Informers added Christopher Alan Hodgson.
    12/25/12Osi Informers added Randy J. Albert.
    12/25/12Osi Informers added Anne Keller.
    12/25/12Osi Informers added Anthony Quan.
    12/25/12Osi Informers added Alla Soundiana.
    12/25/12Osi Informers added Alva Andersson.
    12/25/12Osi Informers added Ami Wokenup.
    12/25/12Osi Informers added AboutTurned Pilgrim.
    12/25/12Osi Informers added Aisha Madison.
    12/25/12Osi Informers added Bruce Thomas.
    12/25/12Osi Informers added Elisabeth Nyström Barringer.
    12/25/12Osi Informers added Clifton Hedlander.
    12/25/12Osi Informers added Catalin Zeitgeist.
    12/25/12Osi Informers added Dorothy Price Hill.
    12/25/12Osi Informers added Lisa Elkins Goodman.
    12/25/12Osi Informers added Elizabeth Adams.
    12/25/12Osi Informers added Elizabeth Aaronstein.
    12/25/12Randy J. Albert left the conversation.
    12/25/12Osi Informers added Micke Fredin Wallgren.
    12/25/12Osi Informers added Louis Freyheit.
    12/25/12Osi Informers added Gidi Lozen.
    12/25/12Osi Informers added Galina Kurdina.
    12/25/12Osi Informers added Gina Olimpia.
    12/25/12Osi Informers added Kitty SoftPaws Hundal.
    12/25/12Osi Informers added Jeremiah Ivie.
    12/25/12Osi Informers added Jacky Man.
    12/25/12Osi Informers added Josef Sonoproprioio.

    and would like some answers why some people you have documented conversation with have harassed myself and others for 'compensation'.

    I'm all for doing this cordially...Vouch for them or disassociate yourself from them. It's kind of that simple...
  • Memory Shock What the heck, OSI? Where's the response? I have this message cataloged and I have subsequent messages from Nana and Karen cataloged. Do you defend them or not?
  • Osi Informers Both of you remove your SLANDEROUS comments or pay the price....
  • Memory Shock Why are you defending someone who, within your conversation, said "or we'll have you killed"?
  • Memory Shock Cataloged, OSI...Recorded and sent to other individuals not to mention FB doesn't delete anything.
  • Hunam Sanctem This is the entire point to OSI's front - framing victims into legal trouble with a view to criminal entrapment:

    "ke · 7 hours ago
    Osi Informers
    Ohh then we will see about that! this whole thread has been screen capped recorded and documented and will
    be used to prosecute you, its only a matter of time.......
    Like · 7 hours ago"

    He is SOOO confident of this line of action, he prepares the motion in the ocean now. Entrapment is criminal OSI and even if your bosses thought of eliminating liability by nt having you on some direct payroll, the intent can be easily linked and YOU, sir, ARE A TERRORIST, purposely plotting to compromise the freedom of humans!
    LOL do sue AF and MS for libel and what not, of course, you would initially have to prove that OSI is a real legal entity in this system who has been compromised by the statements of 2 other "ficticious" entities as are MS and AF. Can you prove all this O-S-I? None of your heavily-mentioned-in-group-chats-corporate-government-agencies have ANY RIGHTS over humans, NONE! BUT, as I am interested in proving that FB is acting as an online Consulate of "digital IDs" for the benefit of framing HUMANS through digital strawmen, PLEASE! DO compile all you are told to by those parassites. Add ME-the-human, you seller of BOTS you! Go get a real job!
  • Hunam Sanctem What's in a name?

    OSI's "talking-shoe" produces evidence "which can and will be used" against individuals, every STEP of the way!
  • Memory Shock Lovely that was, Hunam...
  • Anthony Forwood Osi Informers, I don't think either of us actually said anyione was associated with your organization. You sure are overly defensive!
  • Anthony Forwood BTW, be my guest and add me to your ridiculaous lawsuit. Who's paying for the attorney fees? How are you going to get me here in Canada, anyway? You're a fool with idle BS threats. Go away.
  • Anthony Forwood You are entertainment to me at this point, Osi Informers. Nothing more. But I have better things to do than waste my time with you. You're just a cheap low-life instgator with a team of [pseudonymous fools to run your game.
  • Anthony Forwood SSue me for THAT, pseudo-warrior!
  • Memory Shock I don't think he is even a TI...
  • Anthony Forwood Osi Informers... Since you're so touchy about anyone in your 'organization' being slandered, it would only be fair of you to list ALL of the members of said 'organization', in order that we can comply with your demands. So list away!
  • Anthony Forwood Otherwise, yoour idle threats of a lawsuit won't stand up in court!
  • Anthony Forwood It looks like we found a weak spot in Osi Informers. He seems quite concerned about his repytation. But I distinctly remember how he consistently failed to ever stand up and back himseldf before, so why would he expect anyone to shut up about his deceptiveness?
  • Anthony Forwood Memory Shock said: "I still think that you don't answer near enough questions and have some issue with constructive conversation but whatever."

    HEAR, HEAR!!!
  • Anthony Forwood If I remember cxorrectly (which I do, in this case), this all started when Dee Hardin started making claims that Greg Gamache was asking for money for his lawsuit, and Osi Informers was standing up for Gamache. I started looking for the proof of what Dee was claiming and couldn't find anything. Then I tried to ask Osi Informers about it, in a very polite and supportive way, but he ignored me altogether. Then Gamaxhe just left the scene here, and Osi Informers started posting quite a lot, like he was actually Gamache and decided to change his identity for some reason. The funny thing is, Dee suddenly stopped making her claims about Gamache and turned on me, started perping me, All tghe while, Osi Informers just sat back and said nothing for the guy ge was originally so supportive of.

    I now see connections between Osi Informers and Dee Hardin. I think they're working together to start issues and then try to maske those who get involved out to be the bad guys, just tro cocver up their own perping scheme on that conference thing Osi Informers is running.
  • Anthony Forwood Stated more clearly, I think that you are a ringleading perp, Osi Informers. Sue me.
  • Memory Shock But Gamanche IS still around. He is the one who started the mass email I quoted above...
  • Memory Shock He changes account names every week or so..
  • Anthony Forwood What exactly do you want removed that I posted, Osi Informers? You have to be specific. Can you do that? I'm not removing ANYTHING I post based on idle threats from someone who can't be specific about what he's talking about, and who avoids answering questions that would eitehr legitimize his character or prove that it's deceptive.
  • Anthony Forwood No, he's not a TI. He's an informer, as his pseudonym states.
  • Anthony Forwood Gamache might still be around, but he's gone silent, at least around me.
  • Anthony Forwood Hidiing, kike cowards do/ Apparently, so is OSI now.
  • Anthony Forwood People who continually change their accounts or have multiple accounts are extremely suspicious, IMO.
  • Hunam Sanctem Routers. At any given time one individual can actually run different profiles, I know they use them since my perp hacker cousin, son of a US Navy engineer, was building a number of them back in 2006, so consider how long they've been implementing those tactics.
    Dee haha what can I say? Mrs ????????? Lady. I purposely added her as a FB friend to test her position with these lot and, as I predicted, she failed BIG TIME, the organised TERRORIST that she is. Kevin had a brilliant enough group there until she came along, well prepared and supported by her ring partners, suddenly many new names showed up and all chatting more crap than the previous one, supporting each other's crap and attacking any OUTSIDER, victim. They push and push and push to find some legal ground upon which to fault victims, missing the point that THEY ARE TERRORISTS (cockroaches to me) who fall under International jurisdiction.
    Yawn, OSI is a freshly qualified graduate, you can tell by his fuelled anger and false sentiment of righteousness when crossed.
  • Osi Informers Anthony Forwood I made it quite clear what your to remove,and thats your SLANDEROUS libelous comments about our organization being involved in "money" scams" DO YOU COMPREHEND THAT? If you cant do that and want to be sued then by god you've got it!.... If its not removed Im going to start with reporting both yours and Memory Shock's (Ryan's) account, and have both of your accounts shut down, then its only a matter of time until legal action is taken against you, for your attempted CHARACTER ASSASSINATION and SLANDER, You may talk trash and slander all these other people such as ffchs and Magnus Olsson, but you or anyone else is not going to do that with us! and get away with it, because you will severely PAY! the choice is yours remove your libelous comments or pay the price,....
  • Osi Informers I guarantee it you or Memory Shock ( Ryan) want be so smart assed tough and pseudo welcoming with your lawsuit invitations either once both of your little asses are setting in a jail or prison cell! AGAIN remove your libelous comments or pay the price...
  • Memory Shock You associate yourself with people who make death threats and bully people for money, OSI. Instead of denouncing them, you seem to implicitly support them. I have that recorded, OSI.
  • Memory Shock You do realize that if you sue I get your real name too, right? No sueing through third party, OSI...don't you really value your privacy from the filthy disgusting animals?
  • Anthony Forwood OSI… The criminal courts are something I have a lot of experience with, and so I know quite well that if you wish to pursue legal action for slander against me or Memory Shock or anyone else, it will be up to you to prove your case before any defendant must prove their innocence. Given that fact, you will be FORCED to answer on cross examination whatever questions have already been put to you here on FB that you have so far refused to answer, and if you still choose to not answer them in court, one of two things will happen: 1) your case will be dismissed as frivolous and you’ll have wasted a lot of money attempting to alleviate your spiteful petty anger; or 2) you’ll be held in contempt for lying, and in my case, counter-charges will certainly be laid against you by this ol’ hombre for having wasted my time (if you can even succeed in getting me into court in the first place). So, the choice is up to you, buddy-boy. Spend a lot of money on a scumbag lawyer to hunt me down in another country and try to have me extradited to whatever country you live in to face these bogus charges of yours, and in the process face having to answer for yourself anyway. It will be a case that you’ll DEFINITELY lose either way, so why don’t you just buck up and be a man instead of a sniveling cowardly wimp – be forthright and honest right here on FB and just answer the questions we and others are having about your integrity.

    The fact is, you can’t answer only because you are deceptive and dishonest, or you would have already, and without hesitation.

    As it stands, the information that I’ve already posted on my blog about you and your cohorts stays up for the public’s awareness - FOREVER. This whole thread is also going up as well. It’s an exercise in maintaining honesty and truth… things that you don’t seem to understand or respect. So you’re just going to have to live with it. Sorry, buddy-boy… Life’s tough!
  • Anthony Forwood HAHAHA!!!! Excellent points, Hunam Sanctem! OSI is indeed proving himself to be nothing more than a terrorist perp who’s running an online extortion ring, and if he so chooses to carry through on his idle little threat, he’ll have a LOT of explaining to do ON THE PUBLIC RECORD, while somehow not exposing his even shadier employer-accomplices who hold the leash that’s tied so tightly around his greasy little pencil-neck. And then THEY will be unwillingly drawn into the mess that he’s creating for them and they will have to explain THEIR part in all this, and a whole big fat can of icky, slimy worms will be opened, just as I’m hoping for…

    If and when we get these sleazy satanic fucks in a public arena such as a court of law, we’ll either force them to destroy their littlest minions themselves as punishment for screwing their game, or we’ll do even better and watch these little minions destroy themselves while exposing their employer-accomplices and the whole illegal business that they’re engaged in, which includes gang-stalking freedom-loving people like myself through networked terrorist groups, electronic harassment and torture with supposedly ‘non-lethal’ weapons, and the whole secret program of human enslavement through mind-control. While we’re at it, we can also expose the shady corporate mechanisms that have been used to steal the human identities of an entire population in order to steal what rightfully belongs to us and not them.

    So file your lawsuit, OSI. Please! You can send my subpoena to #52, 936 Granville St., Vancouver, BC, Canada V6Z-1L2. This is EXACTLY what I want… an opportunity to speak in a public court of law about all this BS that I’ve had to live with for so many years. You see, OSI old buddy old pal, the scumbags who are running this show (your handlers/employers) are desperately avoiding just that sort of situation at all costs (including your untimely death), and they know damn well that if I ever land in court again – for ANYTHING, by the hand of ANYONE – then I suddenly have the ear of the public, which has so far been denied me, and I’ll be able to state my case IN ITS ENTIRETY (the truth, the WHOLE truth, and nothing BUT the truth), with enough already-accumulated evidence to expose what is going on, and permanently end this global fascist regime you’re helping to establish.