Sunday, July 28, 2013

Hypnotic Induction

The following explains the basic steps whereby hypnosis can be used to induce a false perception of physical reality in the mind of a subject (witting or unwitting) and block them from ever realizing the illusion that has been established.

1) Put the subject in a relaxed alpha state

This is a specific mental state between sleep and waking that can best be determined by measuring brainwave frequencies, but is otherwise noted by the level of relaxation of the subject. It is arrived at automatically when the mind is relaxed and thoughts are allowed to flow freely.

2) Disengage the subject's reasoning faculties while engaging the imagination or spontaneous memory

Applying the reasoning faculties requires higher levels of energy for brain activity, which pulls the subject out of the alpha state, so keeping the subject from thinking about or focusing too long on anything keeps the brain's energetic activity at its lowest while still remaining awake.

3) Equate the energy required for the subject to engage the reasoning faculties with an external block, while equating the ease of spontaneous imagery/memory with normal thinking

At this point, when subjective experiences (those experiences that are purely the effect of the mind) and objective experiences (those experiences that are induced by external stimuli) are blurred and the subject is unable to differentiate between the two, the subject will notice that an effort required to think or focus, and this effort, at this point, can be suggested to be an unnatural influence stemming from some external (objective) source. Because the subject is in a highly suggestive state and their differentiation between the objective and subjective is blurred, they will accept this interpretation of the apparent block and will thereafter begin to interpret it as has been suggested. Their memory and imaginations will automatically create the mental imagery needed to support and validate such an idea, in whatever way is suitable to their past life experience, accumulated beliefs, and level of intelligence.

4) An understanding of the subject's deepest beliefs and assumptions about the meaning of life and its purpose offer the mechanisms for manipulating their perceptions

Interviewing the subject while in the alpha state allows the hypnotist to freely explore the subject's underlying beliefs, fears, desires, strengths and weaknesses, etc., which will reveal what most strongly influences their thought processes.

5) An understanding of the extent and limits of the subject's understanding of science (or other fields of knowledge) offers the mechanism for manipulating any newly developing understandings

Interviewing the subject (in or out of an alpha state) will allow the hypnotist to measure their level of intelligence and help to determine what they already know about the objective world and how it operates, thus giving the hypnotist a good idea of what they might suggest and how well it will or will not be accepted.

6) Engage the subject's imagination to perceive the apparent block on their reasoning faculties (during alpha state) as a physical thing or force coming from an external source

The hypnotist, through interviewing the subject and coming to understand their past experiences, beliefs, intelligence level, strengths and weaknesses, etc., can use this information to create in the subject's mind what seems to them to be a very logical and objectively sound explanation for the subjective experiences that are influenced by the suggestions given. By continually imprinting these alternative interpretations on the subject while in the alpha state, they become strong enough to override any other interpretation. That they are accepted as objectively real while in the alpha state will carry over into non-alpha states unless the original interpretation is consciously re-established and the contradiction between the two interpretations are brought to full conscious awareness. Otherwise, the alternative interpretation has the opportunity to be re-established with little effort.

Further Steps

7) Restrict the subject's thought processes by creating mental aversions to certain concepts and ideas that might be raised in the mind. These concepts and ideas might be anything, from thinking about a certain thing to reacting to it in a certain way.

The hypnotist, in order to guard against deprogramming, can insert suggestions that will effectively stop the subject from thinking about certain things, or at least from thinking about them in certain contexts. One of the first things they will want to stop the subject from thinking about is their own hypnosis, so the suggestion that they

8) By introducing a state of sudden insight or enlightenment in the subject while in the alpha state, where a totally new and unforeseen realization is engendered, a temporary state of open-mindedness is created in which the hypnotist has the opportunity to insert information directly where it will be automatically accepted, depending on the level that it corresponds to the subject's current beliefs, expectations, etc. This allows the hypnotist to use certain deeper truths to insert falsehoods that will be well grounded in the subject's own prior interpretation of objective reality and fit neatly with it. Being attached to the truthful insight, it will itself seem just as inherently true.


  1. This is truly useless diatribe. I know Anthony as an artist. He doesn't understand any science. Please people get it from a source other than here.

    1. You don't know me at all, Robert Duncan. Now you're really proving to me what an outright LIAR you are.

      It's on the record.

  2. You all might wonder why Robert Duncan is so concerned about what I state regarding hypnosis. He and his associates at FFCHS and elsewhere are specifically looking for people who are easily hypnotizable, since these sort of people are the easiest to manipulate and control and turn into perps. Please note also that Paul Stayton, also affiliated with FFCHS, has suddenly flooded my blogs with more of his immature posts, right after I posted about that corrupt NSA organization. Paul Stayton is a very good example of TI claimant turned perp. He spends a lot of time expressing his anger towards me, but does little of value to get over the problem he has with me exposing idiots like him and Robert Duncan and their organization, FFCHS. Neither of them can show an ounce of maturity or common sense in dealing with these issues. Neither can bring themselves to just dealing with the questions I posed to them in the beginning, and insead hope to derail my patient efforts to prove who they really are and the sort of manipulative (even satanic) mindset they both have.