Thursday, December 5, 2013

Some Info On Pedophile Ringleader Michael Aquino

The following case involves Diana Napolis, and is being posted for the record against ex-Lt. Col. Michael Aquino, satanist, pedophile, murderer, and the world's biggest scumbag (suck on it, you pasty-faced weasel)...

September 23, 1997, SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA, Aquino v. ElectriCiti, Inc., et al., Media Law Reporter, 26 Med. L. Rptr. 1032, No. 984751, Civil Suit Alleging Defamation, Infliction of Emotional Distress, and other Claims, Dismissed

Note: Lt. Col. Michael Aquino sued internet provider ElectriCiti, located in San Diego, California, for "defamation," "infliction of emotional distress," [BOO HOO!!!] and other claims, due to an anonymous person posting information about him on the internet. The author of this archive, Diana Napolis, was this "anonymous" person, who debated with Lt. Col. Aquino while using the pseudonym "Karen Jones" and "Curio" during the years 1995-2000. Lt. Col. Aquino sued, claiming "defamation," when it was clear he only wanted the name of the owner of the account in question after military records were posted to the internet, proving he had been processed out of the Army in 1990 after a ritual abuse investigation.

After the Internet provider reviewed the allegedly "defamatory" messages and ascertained that no libel had occurred, they refused to divulge any account name to Lt. Col. Aquino because they believed he was dangerous. ElectriCiti was sued twice, but the claims were ultimately dismissed due to the Communications Decency Act, which precluded internet companies from being held liable for messages written by their customers.

The Media Law Reporter gave an overview of the complaint but unfortunately quoted Aquino's description of the "facts." They wrote that "Curio" stated the Aquinos were the "ring leaders of an international conspiracy to further the satanic ritual abuse of children, and that they engaged in kidnapping, cannibalism and murder of anyone who stood in the way of this international conspiracy."

Lt. Col. Aquino submitted this information to the Media Law Reporter for reasons unknown, even though this author never made those particular statements at the time. However, due to new information which has been reviewed, namely a publication by John de Camp, "The Franklin Coverup," (1996) which alleges criminal activity by Michael Aquino, Noreen Gosch's book, "Why Johnny Can't Come Home," (2000) and after viewing several internal Criminal Investigative Tapes of the Army interviews of children in their investigation of Lt. Col. Aquino, it does appear that the above statements are absolutely correct.

Lt. Col. Aquino claimed he was not processed out of the Army in 1990; however, according to a letter from the National Personnel Records Center, dated December 1, 2006, his dates of service in the Army were from June 14, 1968 to August 31, 1990. Aquino is known for frivolously suing anyone who mentions this fact. [Aquino v. TimesWarner/Linda Blood, Aquino v. Lockwood]

An internet metasearch reveals 70 web pages which describe this lawsuit [Aquino v. ElectriCiti.] See news articles: "Internet Provider Sued Over Postings," San Diego Union-Tribune, June 24, 1997; "Wired News Flash, Satanist Sues ISP to Silence Usenet Poster," San Francisco, Business Wire, May 22, 1997; Army Transcript of CID Interview, dated 1989 (copies of Army transcript may be ordered from this author)

[See cases in this archive: Aquino vs. Stone, Presidio Army Base, People v. Daryl Ball, Fort Bragg-Jubilation Day Care Case]

A lawsuit is pending against Lt. Col. Aquino due to his continued efforts to violate the author's First amendment rights to free speech.

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