Monday, February 4, 2013

Stop Feeding the Beast

Log off the internet and disconnect your computer from all outside connections.

Throw away your cell phone and start interacting face-to-face, or write letters the old fashioned way.

Stop watching TV shows, and stop renting or buying DVDs.

Stop buying most consumer products or following consumer trends.

Stop relying on doctors to fix your aches and pains. Take a more natural approach.

Get rid of your car and use simpler methods of transport.

Sell your house and all your fine furnishings and homestead on a piece of land where you don’t have to pay insurance or property taxes.

Stop paying taxes.

Stop paying insurance.

Quit your corporate job and learn a more creative and relaxing occupation that you actually enjoy spending your time doing.

Don’t make donations to organizations.

Only deal with small, independently owned, unincorporated businesses.

Ignore all forms of news media.

Don’t keep your money in banks.

Don’t depend on loans.

Don’t give any information to the government, police, corporations, or other organizations.

Take no secrecy oaths and sign no non-disclosure agreements. Avoid secrecy altogether while respecting privacy.

* * *

Some purposely rigged catch-phrases and my proposed alternatives:

conspiracy theorist -> conspiracy realist

politically correct -> politically conformed

national security -> national secrecy

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