Wednesday, January 16, 2013

An Invitation to Speak - Why Bother?

I was just contacted by someone who asked if I would be willing to attend a conference in Nevada and speak to other TIs. They want me to speak about what I know about targeting methods and my suggestions on what TIs can do to defend themselves. They offered to pay for my travel expenses, hotel, and meals. They also offered me a booth at the conference where I could promote my published books. 

A free trip like that would be a very nice break from my current situation, but I had to turn it down. First of all, I don't want to ever set foot in the Stalinist USA, even if my criminal record didn't forbid it. Entering that godforsaken country would put me in a compromising position where I would be far easier to target by the military/intelligence groups who engage in electronic harassment and mind-control. Second of all, I'm not interested in promoting my work beyond what I already do online. It's quite apparent that very few people appreciate my efforts as it is, and I can just imagine how much worse it would be angering a group of TIs at a live conference when they don't agree with my views about many of their claims. They'd probably rip me apart. Most TIs are just too easily offended as it is and too certain of their already set beliefs to ever be convinced of anything else, irrespective of their lack of detailed knowledge of the technologies used against them - both real and imaginary. 

Getting this invitation at this particular time also raises my suspicions. This isn't the first time such an offer has been made to me. Past times have always come immediately after speaking out about certain high-profile fakes who promote BS to the TI community. The same goes for this offer. I might be wrong, but I'm also cautious enough to not put my head on the block. 

What could I say, anyway? Nobody seems to believe what I say. I've pretty much given up trying to help TIs at all any more. They can fend for themselves while I prepare for the next phase that's coming. 

So far, I've stuck to what is certain about the methods and technologies that are used against TIs, and I've been deflecting my targeting more and more. I don't get electronic harassment, and I believe more than ever that it's because of the precautions I've been taking. Nobody wants to believe me that it comes through the cell phones and computers that are connected to the communications network, and NOT through satellites or nanotech or other unproven, unexplainable, implausible, or scientifically impossible methods. Nobody seems to understand that, more than anything, they open themselves up to their targeting through their own mental state. They don't understand the way the mind works, and how that knowledge is used to manipulate them. 

Going to a conference and trying to explain what I know and understand so well to a bunch of people who don't want to listen because they already have their minds made up or who can't pay attention because of their targeting attacks is not going to work. We aren't dealing with anything simple here. It takes a lot of learning to understand the scientific concepts involved. Most TIs are happy to have someone who claims to have a PhD or inside knowledge from working in the military or an intelligence agency telling them about make-believe technologies being used on them because it sounds more interesting, even if their attacks still go on in spite of it. They can't be bothered to consider what I have to say, because they would have to change their beliefs about what they've already been conditioned to accept. It's equivalent to deprogramming a cult member. They don't want to learn about how their mind works and how it's being used against them, and many don't even have the capacity to control their mental processes very well at this point. They don't want to look at the science that refutes the things they've already come to believe about the technology because they think it's too complex for them to understand. They'd rather listen to some fake who pretends to have the answers but can't really explain their own claims beyond a certain level of detail. 

If one of these fakes claims that satellites are used to read their brainwaves from hundreds of miles away (as all of them do claim), they can't explain how it's physically possible. They might give some made up and unprovable technical-sounding explanation, but nothing that relates to known science and physics. They usually say they know it's true because they are scientists or they worked on such systems in the military or they just refer to previous claims made by other fakes who came before them. But when they're pushed to explain their claims in more detail, to provide any sort of evidence, they falter. They have no explanation. They expect TIs to just take their word, and they sometimes call on their most dedicated followers to attack the person asking the question for doubting them, since doubting the fake is doubting the beliefs of their followers. They are verging on cultism when they get to this point. And that is intentional. 

But the TIs who believe these fakes don't see this. They don't know about cult techniques and how cults relate to mind-control programs. And they don't understand how the harassment - electronic or otherwise - is part of this. They think they're somehow better for just believing these fakes and so they don't ever consider anything else. They start writing petitions that will only make them look mentally ill for believing the BS that has been fed to them. They don't think about the effects it will have when they are wrong and they do this. They don't realize that this is all a premeditated part of the plan to keep the truth from being exposed. 

So what good would it do me to speak at some conference for TIs about what I know? I don't seem to have made an ounce of difference to anyone with my writings that are based on my personal research. It has not been for nothing because it has helped me, but for anyone else, they just don't seem to get it. They don't want to have to think for themselves, and when it gets to that point, I honestly think that they're too far gone to help at all. 

Something I've come to realize in trying to help TIs by sharing the knowledge I've gained through my research is that unintelligent people - those who can't or won't think for themselves - are contemptuous of intelligent people, and so they are naturally destined to lose. It's survival of the fittest, and this is a game of survival. 

The only way I can see that I could ever help TIs with what I've learned is to engage in a question and answer dialogue, where I'm not just giving a speech for fifteen minutes or an hour and expecting that anyone will comprehend or accept everything I'm saying. A dialogue would also help me to learn some things as well, and to better establish where I'm right and where I'm wrong, and the same for them. But I've already tried this in the past, and all I ever got was silence, disruptive tactics that sidelined my attempts at a meaningful discussion, or outright attacks on my character, so it was almost a complete waste of my time. The only thing it revealed was that most TIs I ever come in contact with don't seem to know how to ask questions, let alone answer them or explain what they believe beyond a very elementary level. And they seem to take offense to questions about their targeting, assuming that it implies doubt. This led me to believe that these particular people weren't real TIs, or else they were just utterly incapable of thinking and too far gone with mind-control. This may all be due to orchestrated manipulation of my online activities, but why should I think so? (I'll leave that for TIs to come up with their own imaginative answers, or have someone they don't even know tell them)

I'm just one man trying to survive, and as long as the law of 'survival of the fittest' is being forced upon us unnaturally, I have to decline speaking to a gathering of people who for the most part are not likely to survive through this anyway. 

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