Thursday, April 4, 2013

I was blocked from facebook for 24 hours for posting the following well-reasoned opinion of him:..

Osi Informer is a perp. He has all the traits...

Can't answer for what he claims
Manipulates posts
Instigates fear and confusion through his call-in
Uses a fake name
Uses multiple accounts
Plays unfairly
Smells like rotten fish, even over the internet
But have a look at all the accusing posts that Osi Informers makes on facebook about others. The following is just ONE of many pages and posts that reveal his perp activities against others on facebook...

In fact, as you can see from the above link, he is openly running a community targeting group called T.A.R.A.C.T. (Tarck And Report A Community Terrorist).

You will also see the questionable nature of Osi Informers' own mental state if you look at all the pictures at the above link that are supposed to be evidence of perpetrators. Please note the two photos of himself in S&M garb and the devil's head tattoo on his left shoulder. That is an indication that this person might be openly involved in satanic activities, due to his willingness to promote it this way. To an ordinary person, these two pictures of him might seem tame, but to a trauma-based mind-control victim, they are signals that induce fear. That is the ONLY purpose I can see for them being included with all the others.

What I would like to know is what does Osi Informers think entails terrorism? To voice your opinion about someone else? To state the facts about someone else (without providing evidence to back you up completely)? What?

Is Osi Informers SO offended by the conclusions I and many others have drawn, based solely on his own actions or inactions, that he has to resort to making outrageouscounter-claims, thereby doing EXACTLY what he accuses me and others of doing?

Why didn't he just respond maturely to my original questions about his actions regarding others, before it ever got to this point?

I can see now that his sole intention is to create chaos and confusion, rather than to respect order and honesty and act accordingly. I BELIEVE HE IS A SATANIST PERP. He honors chaos and confusion, the Illuminati ideal.

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