Wednesday, April 3, 2013

A Slight on Transhumanists

Transhumanism relates to advancing the evolution of humans through technological advances. This would include using mind-control technologies to alter their own thoughts and behaviors. 

Wikipedia states that transhumanists are supposedly intellectuals who base their beliefs on science and reason, and yet, every person I talk to who promotes transhumanism has been unwilling to engage me in any sort of intellectual discussion about it, let alone being able to even explain to me what it is. They have consistently avoided any questions that I've posed about it that are based on science or reason. 

They seem more like cultists. 

(See the definition of a cult given by world-recognized cult authorities Robert J. Lifton and Margaret Singer)

Apart from the cultish attitude of these weird people with their strange ideals, I can understand completely why they would want to pursue transhumanist ideals. They apparently feel less than adequate with just those natural abilities that they were born with and can't seem to master. 

Pity for them. 

Some call it natural selection and survival of the fittest. 

Do you know what will happen to transhumanists in the future? They'll become exactly like those little grey aliens who reportedly come to this planet as withered and barely surviving beings who have spent too much time living in an unnatural environment. Those little grey aliens may as well be these transhumanists come back from the future, looking to correct the mistake they made relying on technology to replace what they naturally had. 

Transhumanists are anti-Nature. They abhor their natural place in the scheme of things, and think they can somehow become gods by relying on their technologies. They ignore the fact that these technologies will overtake their natural abilities to stay alive, and as they become more and more dependent on these technologies, what the technologies replace will disappear through lack of its use, just like a limb that's never used will slowly become withered until it eventually dies. 

Transhumanists are afraid to die. They are materialists who don't understand the deeper nature of consciousness, existence, and evolutionary processes, and they don't believe in reincarnation. They think that they can somehow become immortal through technological means. They would sell their soul (literally) for the chance to have their consciousness transferred into a machine that has absolutely no ability to evolve in new and unique ways. Technology can only ever copy what has already been created by Nature, and never so flawlessly as Nature herself can do. Technology uses the 'brute force' method to do things that Nature can do effortlessly and with absolute perfection. They fail to realize that the further along you go with technology, the greater the cost in relation to the returns, to the point that it isn't worthwhile. That's a law of the universe that you just can't get around, no matter how well you might try to hide the fact. But transhumanists don't recognize this, or think they can get to godhood before it catches up with them. 

Good luck with that.

Transhumanists are destined to become those pathetic little grey aliens. They'll reach a point where they'll feel so sure of their abilities that they'll abandon the Earth itself (probably after making it completely uninhabitable due to their technology), and venture out into space as a colony dependent completely on what little they can take with them. They'll be forced to cut corners as they continue on, eliminating those human features that pose the greatest problems, first out of desire, but then out of necessity. They will first reduce their food sources to intravenous chemical concoctions, thus eliminating their digestive systems. They will next reduce sexual procreation to the test tube, thus eliminating their reproductive systems. Being stuck out in space for so long, their arms and legs will wither from lack of adequate exercise, and their eyes will become huge black orbs to make up for the lack of natural light sources. Their skin will lose its color and take on that ugly grayish tone. Worst of all, they'll lose all connectivity with the universal rhythms and frequencies when they separate themselves from the effects of the Earth's natural resonances, which stabilize life and consciousness so that it doesn't wither and burn out like a candle flame. 

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