Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The Demons of Hollywood Stars

I'm so sorry that Robin Williams is gone. I'm even sorrier that he had to suffer with his demons, like so many others Hollywood stars have had to and still do and will continue to in the future.
This reminds me of what I only recently learned about Jim Morrison, one of my all-time favorite musical performers, who was very likely subjected to MKULTRA-style mind-control as a child. His father was a very important military leader, although most people still don't know this. He was Admiral George Stephen Morrison, commander of the US Naval fleet in the Gulf of Tonkin at the start of the Vietnam War. He was not a good man because he knowingly involved himself in the false flag operation that started that war. Jim had disowned his family, and he particularly despised his father. He had a brother and a sister as well. He always refused to talk about his family. The only reference he apparently ever made to them was in the song The End, where he fantasized about acting out his pent up rage...
"He went into the room where his sister lived and... then he... paid a visit to his brother and then he... He walked on down the hall. And he came to a door... And he looked inside. 'Father?' 'Yes, son?' 'I want to kill you.' 'Mother? I want to... raaaaaaape you!!!'"
That was how he dealt with his demons, through his music. You can hear it when you listen to that particular song. He externalized his deep-seated anger and frustration, and where else could it have come from? When he wasn't performing, he was a very mellow guy. When he got on stage, it was like he was possessed of another mind, one that had been through something awful in his childhood.
Yes, Jim Morrison and Robin Williams and many other stars who are now gone had demons, but these aren't possessions of spirits, they're induced by purposely fractured minds. The same probably goes for so many other stars.
Like Jim, many of the rising stars in the early rock music industry were also from military families, and they all seemed to just 'coincidentally' find themselves together in the Los Angeles/San Francisco area at the same time in the mid-1960s just before they all became very successful. That's a whole other story, but the fact is, their talents appear to have developed 'spontaneously', and they were certainly exceptional talents, as was that of Robin Williams.
This is what mind-control has often been used for within secret military and government programs - to enhance a person's talents and abilities. Even just through the use of hypnosis, a person's mind can be fractured into multiple personalities, and some of these personalities can appear to be demons. They can interfere with the original personality by appearing as voices in their head. They can switch in based on a specific trigger, such as being on stage. Jim Morrison was known to suddenly change personalities and go into a sort of trance as soon as he hit the stage. You can see a lot of other performers do this too. They call it 'getting into character', but it's more than just that. They had to learn the character first. I'm sure that Robin Williams and many other stars are/were very much the same.
Hollywood is one of the main satanic centers of America, and always has been. The reason why so many stars make it in Hollywood is because they 'sell their souls' without necessarily realizing it. Usually this occurs when they are still quite young and not aware of what they're getting involved in. They are introduced to techniques like NLP and hypnosis to enhance their talents. They are given a taste of 'the good life' where every luxury and pleasure is easily provided, while being constantly encouraged by agents and producers and other stars who have already 'made it' that being rich and famous is a worthy pursuit and within their reach. They become mesmerized by it all. Before they know it, it's too late and written contracts tie them to the slavery of that world.
Jim Morrison landed a five year contract with one of these agents, with an agreement to produce seven albums in that time. He desperately wanted out before the five years were up, but he stuck to his contract and produced those seven albums, and then quickly got out. But still it was too late. He was murdered. He had been used and discarded. With the secret of his family background, he knew too much...
Zionist Jews own and run the entertainment industry (like they own and run the media and everything else that we allow to govern our lives today) and their doctrines describe the use of mind-control. They are the original satanists. They invented the idea of Satan and demons. These ideas stem directly from their doctrines, but they are actually alter-personalities created through mind-control. Zionists have been behind every major religion, and have planted this idea in each one to cover the real source of these 'demons'. These religions used to be very effective control systems, but now the media industry (news and entertainment) is their main control system. The media has always has been used to condition and control the masses. The media is a mind-control system. Look how attached everyone is to these stars, and how we feed their inner 'demons' by looking to them for entertainment. WE ARE JUST AS GUILTY of taking part in the slow or sudden destruction of these people.

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