Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Renee Pittman Mitchell Seeks Attention (and Needs Medication)

It looks like Renee Pittman Mitchell has stopped taking her medication again...

She sent me a link to a page on her website where she's complaining that my blog gets higher ratings in google than her rants do. Boo hoo, Renee.

Here's the link, in case you want to see what a raving lunatic she really is (and give her website a few bumps up the rating scale to make her feel better)...


She attempts to turn this issue into a bigger one by making ridiculous accusations against me and others, hoping I'll defend myself when really I have no need to worry about false claims made by a deranged person who can't tell the difference between reality and her imagination. The material I publish speaks for itself.

I'll just point out a few things I spotted...

Even though she says I went on the attack the day after the FSU shooting, the fact is, I didn't even hear about it until about a week later because I hadn't been online during that whole time and it was Dee Dorsty who first brought it to my attention. I'm sure that if I was online at all during that time, it could be proven. But it can't because I know I wasn't. Anyone can check my facebook account or google my name to look for any posts made by me during that time. They won't find any.

Touche, Renee!

But thanks for the laugh... and the extra publicity for my blog...

I hope she gets the help she needs real soon. Her website rants clearly indicates that she needs some. Delusional, fantasy-prone, paranoid, irresponsible, accusatory, temperamental, weak-minded, emotionally reactive, self-absorbed, obsessive, etc. are NOT good qualities to have if you wish to portray yourself as a real TI who wants to be taken seriously. You are not one, Renee. You are exactly the sort of person the perps like to keep active in the TI community, because you dissuade non-TIs from believing that there really are targeting programs.

Luckily for real TIs, Renee's audience is apparently growing smaller as people come to realize what she really is...

And according to Renee, it's my fault. Well, I'll accept that as a compliment. The truth always wins out, and that's why I stick to it.

Renee's webpage appears to be adding more details to the Myron May story, but it's too late because het lying and uncooperativeness has already disqualified her as a reliable source of information, so all that extra BS she's recently added to it isn't even worth considering at this point. Perhaps if she had made the evidence available when asked for, she could have been exonerated, but not now... She's STILL trying to profit off of Myron May's death.

Let me just point out Renee's own hypocracy...

In this most recent rant, she states that someone named Darlene Mile "should be thinking
about recanting an outrageous lie, malicious implication, or at the very least proving it factual and revealing your source."

Well, Renee hasn't been at all forthcoming when asked for evidence to prove her story is true, even though she claims to have it in her possession and it would certainly help to prove her claims, but she has refused to be cooperative in every way. Instead, she chooses to kick up a storm of anger that anyone would choose not to believe her without question. Oh well... sissy fits don't work on most adults, Renee.

Look at this quote from her recent rant:

  "With the passwords to May yahoo email, I also learned that May had been in contact
  with Derrick Robinson as early as November 3, 2014, after opening up his emails, with
  May again emailing him asking why he had not contacted him regarding his hope to
  provide legal assistance to the Targeted Individual community on or about November
  14, 2015 after no response back.  Derrick’s response was that he had contacted May
  and did not understand why May had not gotten his message."

How about she posts the emails written by Myron May from his account that she illegally accessed after his death and even admits to doing? SHOW US THE EVIDENCE, RENEE!!!

I stopped reading her raving diatribe at this point. It just goes on and on and on.........

Is Renee Bitchin' Mitchell a goverment-paid shill? I believe she's either that, or she's so predictably reactive that her handlers can play her like a puppet without her even realizing it. (And YES, that's a direct allegation, Renee. Watcha gonna do 'bout it? Want to take this into a public courtroom? I do...)

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  1. This is how Renne Pittman Mitchell explains her need to charge people for Myron May's story:

    "There also was another accusation of my seeking to profit off this situation. I
    have never been in this for profit. My effort has been a hope to not only
    hopefully save my own life by exposure, but also to help through exposure for
    others. And, for the record, the small amount of books that I sale do not pay
    the bills. And, I have given away far more books than sold nearing 1000. With
    me, one person getting a book is one more person aware and hopefully a life
    saved through knowledge of this massive program. Also, you must understand that
    Amazon sets the price for these books at a threshold. For example Myron May’s
    story cannot be sold for less than $12.34 based on the page count so I priced it
    at $12.99. This covers design, ink, Amazon’s paper, printing, production, etc.,
    a factor also computed by Amazon that is a business!"

    No Renee, I DON'T understand. You make your long personal rants free for others to waste their time reading, but you withhold Myron May's own material as though it's your personal property.

    Instead of just posting it online where it can be accessed for free, Renee makes these excuses for why she has to charge anything at all.

    If she was going to honor May's request to make it available to the public, she wouldn't be trying to make money off it, period! For all we know, what she publishes as his words might not be his words at all. Why should anyone believe her about anything when she's done nothing at all to show that she can be relied on to be honest and forthright?

    Or is she going to use her 'targeting' as an excuse, as every fake TI does?

    One thing is certain... She seeks attention and is using perceived injustices against her as an excuse to try to get some. How utterly pathetic.... .

    Oh, btw, Renee... The obvious reason why Derrick Robinson would have wanted YOU to be involved with their hotline was because you would make an ideal candidate for his little mind-control program. You could be the next patsy...