Friday, November 28, 2014

A Preliminary Post on the FSU Shooting

I'm currently investigating all the information I can find re the FSU shooting and I'll be posting my findings sometime in the future. I'd just like to say at this early point that in spite of what others might think, there's good reason to question the possibility that this was a hoax (staged event), just as much as there's reason to question whether it was inspired by actual targeting or by a wild imagination or even mental illness. Under the circumstances TIs are in, with the type of psychological manipulation that's going on, it isn't wise to immediately accept anything that's said about this incident (or anything else), especially without some good evidence to back it up. It's important not to draw any conclusions too quickly, and to give all possibilities a fair consideration based on all of the available evidence.
So far, I can list a few reported pieces of information that suggest this might have been a staged event:
1) The library where the shooting occurred was reported by CNN to have 300 to 400 students in it at 12:30 at night on a weeknight. What were so many students doing at the library at that hour? On the other hand, the later the hour, the fewer witnesses to an active shooter drill.
2) Out of all those hundreds of people, only 3 were shot, and none were killed. The less 'victims' involved, the less possibility of a staged event being exposed.
3) According to police, the first 911 call received was from one of the three victims. Several more calls were received after that. Several, not dozens.
4) So far, I have yet to see more than one interview with any of these hundreds of people present, or anything else that would verify the claim of 300 to 400 people in the library at the time. Nothing was said about this in that one interview, which was more focused on a bullet that got lodged in a student's backpack.
5) Also, there was an apparent absence of security cameras in the university library, since nothing has been mentioned about any possible footage.
6) Four days before the shooting, FOX News reported on an unannounced active shooter drill at a middle school somewhere in Florida that had angered parents because students had thought it was real.
7) None of the usual information about the weapon used, the number of shots fired, etc., appears to have been highlighted, as in past shootings. Nor are there any photos or videos available that would clarify anything. The sort of evidence that's usually made big fanfare of in the news is completely lacking in this case. Past active shooter drills that have been turned into news events have shown that the less information the public is given, the better.
So, apart from what CNN and a few other MSM news sources reported (dictated to them by the authorities), there's nothing to show that there were so many people present, and everything to suggest that it was the perfect setting for a staged 'drill', similar in many ways to what took place at Sandy Hook and the Boston Marathon but on a much smaller scale and less sophisticated. I'm not saying (yet) that this was definitely a staged event, but the possibility is definitely there.
My own feelings about this incident lean towards the possibility that the original story put out by the MSM was hijacked by certain others in the TI community, just as was done with the Aaron Alexis story soon after it broke. More specifically, I believe that the packages that were mentioned in the MSM had nothing to do with Derrick Robinson at all, that he made that part up, that the alleged suicide letter that was released online was faked, and that Renee Pittman's part in this is questionable as well, beyond the fact that she was apparently in touch with May and was allegedly sent a package from him. The important thing to ask is, who says so, and how do we know they're telling the truth? So far, it appears to me that Pittman herself is the original source for this claim about her involvement. From what I understand, she contacted the MSM and made the claim, which got her mentioned in the news as being one of the package recipients. Also, the only source I can find that ties Derrick Robinson to the packages is himself. (If anyone can correct me on any of this, please do so.) If the suicide letter was actually released by the authorities, which I don't think they did, you would expect that a more reputable news source than Memory Hole would have published it.
Further, the whole idea that Myron May was acting out a pre-planned attack is very doubtful when you consider what actually took place. The incident was over almost before it even started, and resulted in a very minor news event. It was nothing of any proportion that he could have even hoped would get any message out. On the other hand, TIs will only be hurt by the connection of the shooting to targeting, since to mainstream society it only reflects the potential instability of TIs in general, rather than the cause of the problem. The packages were not sent to news outlets or government bodies, but to people May "knew and trusted", according to the suicide letter. Not a very effective plan.
If I were planning a suicide attack to get the message out about targeting, I certainly wouldn't have chosen a location filled with obviously innocent people and not likely to be heavily populated. Nor would I fail to make the event as attention-grabbing and newsworthy as possible by only taking one handgun with me and only getting off three hits before I stood off with the police and let them take me out so quickly and easily. There appears to have been no real pre-planning or any specifically chosen targets, in spite of the fact that the alleged suicide note clearly indicated that he had planned out what he was going to do. The expectation that his personal story about being targeted was going to wake people up was simply ridiculous, considering how many TI stories are already out there that nobody pays much attention to. Considering the letter from the point of view that it was by all appearances directed more to the TI community than anyone else, it was completely pointless, other than to release it after the fact as a ruse to encourage TIs to do exactly what FFCHS encourages them to do, and which has proven to be a total waste of time and even damaging to the TI community. A far more effective action would have been to send the packages to as many news outlets, government bodies, and organizations as possible, rather than to leave it to a few people to take up the responsibility that was put on them to publish his story and get people to petition the government. It would have also been more believable if he had posted the material in the package online prior to the shooting, including some personal information that would prove it was from him, and then set up links to it immediately before the attack, so that when people googled his name, they would find it. The only reason not to do this would have been the foresight that the authorities would immediately take it down, in which case it would have been obvious that the material in the packages would have been suppressed anyway (as it apparently has been), so what would be the point at all? To bring unwanted problems on those people he sent the packages to?
Remember, May was an intelligent person, a felony prosecutor who understood some things about the law and how authorities conduct investigations, so he would have foreseen these problems. But someone who was hijacking the story to promote their own agenda wouldn't have had time to properly think through the scenario they were creating in the short time they had, and would have made those sorts of errors. Plus, their agenda would be reflected in the alleged suicide letter if they had faked it, which is what we find with the letter published at the Memory Hole. The Memory Hole, by the way, gives FFCHS and their affiliates a lot of positive publicity. Also, James F. Tracy, who published the letter, is eager to push the idea that May is being regarded by the media and authorities as mentally ill, but the only allusion to mental illness that I can find so far comes from 'news' outlets like his own and nowhere else.
More to come...

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  1. Here's some evidence that might link Renee Pittman to the funeral service company that held May's funeral. Check out the name in the first link on the web page... It's Pittman Funeral Services.