Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Adam Lanza and the Controlled Media Syndrome

by Anthony Forwood

I look at a picture of Adam Lanza - the most recent in a growing line of young mass murderers - and see something that others seem to be overlooking. The more obvious awkwardness of his frail, nerdy physique and the smileless face bespeak a lifelong inner frustration of not being able to fit in. But looking deeper, I can almost hear his thoughts...

And there, but for the grace of God, go I - and all of you.

Where does a young man expect to go in life with no hope of making real friends, incapable of relating to others, never knowing what it's like to have a girlfriend, his family split up and only his mother there to give him any attention - and probably not the sort of attention he really needs? 

Never mind the stories that the media is spreading, leading us all to see him as a mentally disturbed loser who played violent computer games to fill his lonely hours. Never mind the stories that his mother was some sort of gun collecting survivalist waiting for Armageddon to erupt in the near future. That's all just cheap print material to fill editorial pages when nothing more can be found to say. These little tidbits are merely used to suggest that the blame lies in lax gun laws, violent video games, broken families, ineffective pharmaceutical 'band-aid' remedies, etc. Always, the blame is put elsewhere than on those who created the real root of the problem - almost always, the blame is focused on the last link in a series of effects that stem from that one root cause. 

Adam Lanza was the latest personification of our deeply troubled society. We should ask: Why do we even want or need guns in our society? Why do we want or need pharmaceuticals to 'fix' our mental defects? Why are there so many broken families these days? Why do we expect an Armageddon? 

Maybe we really do need that last one. Maybe, like me, Adam saw this as the only inevitable solution to the sickness of society that he was certainly aware of, and deeply affected by. Maybe he decided to create his own little Armageddon, knowing that a larger one could only erupt through many similar acts to his own final one. 

I just can't bring myself to hate or even be angry at this young man. I can only feel a deep sadness for him, and so many others like him who are being ignored and their lives wasted - a familiarity, even. I can understand what he must have felt like growing up in a cold world where even getting bullied once in a while would have been better than being totally unrecognized, and incapable - due to severe feelings of insecurity that handicapped him - of making the effort to fit in with others who were so unlike himself. 

Adam Lanza was certainly very different than most people. Some who knew him say he was a genius, but he also had unusual medical problems that held him back and shouldn't ever be held against him because they weren't his fault - or his parents, either. On the one hand, he had so much to offer, and he was probably not at all unaware of that fact. On the other hand, he had no outlet to properly express his good qualities and do something with them to change his situation. He was very unusual, and for that, society offered no place for him. 

Whether or not he was mentally ill is totally beside the point. Society itself is mentally ill. 

If we take this back to the real root of the problem, like with virtually every other problem we might ever have to deal with, whether personally or as a society, it comes down to the media's conditioning effect on us. After all, it's the media that promotes guns, violence, fads, trends, habits of thought and action, preferred lifestyles, new types of mental disorders and their pharmaceutical fixes, etc. It's the media that promotes everything that we've come to think and believe and expect and desire. You can't get away from it anymore. It's everywhere and constant. And the story of Adam Lanza has become just another episode in a never-ending program of social conditioning - a self-fulfilling story that uses real lives to fill the roles of its characters to act out the parts that lead the audience to emotionally respond as they're expected to do in their hypnotically fixated trance. 

No, I can't hate or even be angry at Adam Lanza. I can only hate the media and the money-hungry corporate profiteers who own and operate it. They don't present these things to us without thought. They don't present them because we the public ask for it. There is a very purposeful design to their unrelenting presentations if these things. They're designed to break us down and make us conform, and this goes against the very nature of our being, and they know it. Like every one of us, Adam Lanza was a target of the diseased thinking that expects every problem we might have to be solved with a quick fix or through conformity to the ways of government and big business - who pretend to have all the answers but are incapable of accepting responsibility for their part in these results. 

The story of Adam Lanza and the rampage that resulted in the deaths of twenty innocent young children and six adults - plus Lanza himself - is just another lure to draw us into paying still more attention to what the media presents. Now that the basic crime story has been presented, all the media attention goes to exaggerate the purported goodness of those who are left to deal with the aftermath. The victims and their family and friends get our sorrow. Police and paramedics on the scene get pats on the back and honored for their 'brave' actions cleaning up the mess. Politicians get extra air time to remind the public that they are acting in our favor, but only when it's too late... 

These people don't deserve so much attention, as good as it might make everyone feel. It is corrupting the real truth and distracting us from it. The media isn't willing to give nearly so much attention to the many, many dead children in Iraq and elsewhere that government and big business have been complicit in murdering for their own selfish ends for years on end - and which the media tries at all costs never to mention. Without media to present their stories to us in a very selective and one-sided manner, what goes on in the rest of the world would have little to no effect on us. That would be more natural and proper. That would allow us to live somewhat more comfortably and without such insecurities that lead us to buying into their message. 

We are all being affected by the Controlled Media Syndrome. This is a disease of thought that is as bad as any mental illness that leads a person to lash out in a murderous rampage. It is instilled by government and big business to lead us into hypnotic conformity. Many are being affected by this to the point that they feel that what Adam Lanza and so many others before him have done is the only way to get the message out that our society is very sick. But the very message they attempt to send out is always usurped by the very media that creates the problem, and turns it on its face. Certain things are being purposely ignored or omitted from their presentations while certain other things are being given too much attention. 

Adam Lanza stayed away from the internet. He had no facebook account, and people are actually finding that to be strange and even suspicious. Really? Personally, I think he may have been aware of the fact that the internet is just another controlled media outlet, and if he had used it to try to speak out about what was bothering him, his voice would have been quickly drowned out anyway. Or it would have been twisted in the aftermath of his violent act to conform to what we are supposed to believe about him. 

There is no escape from the machinations of those who control the media, except to avoid it altogether. I stopped watching and reading the news shortly after the 9/11 tragedy, and I've felt so much better since I did. It gave me time to explore more important issues that are going on in the world but never being reported in the mainstream. I started to get a real education, while others were busy being conditioned to respond to lesser issues in the manner that the media dictates they should. 

As I pointed out earlier, we need to ask ourselves: Why do we even want or need guns in our society? Why do we want or need pharmaceuticals to 'fix' our mental defects? Why are there so many broken families these days? Why do we expect an Armageddon? 

The media will NEVER look into these questions. But they need to be looked into. Doing so will lead directly to the root cause of our growing social disease. Until we do, we are ALL as sick as Adam Lanza was, and any one of us might soon act out in a similar way. It's planned to happen. It's EXPECTED to happen. It WILL happen, if we don't shut out the media in all its forms. 

Wake up people1 Don't wait until it's YOU who can't take it any more and you find yourself the next tragic case of Controlled Media Syndrome!

The media thrives on these tragedies, while disowning responsibility for them. But they ARE responsible. Adam Lanza surely knew that he would become the next big story, but without the media being as it is, he never could have been, and he may never have done what he did. 

Think about that. 

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