Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Important Information For Newly Aware TIs

Members of the TI community are at different levels of understanding about their situations and are prone to read or hear about things that are not true, or at least very questionable and unverified, so it’s very important to remember a few things when investigating the subjects of gang-stalking, electronic harassment, or mind control.

1) Much information that’s put out on these subjects has a lot of emotional or alarmist content and this is not really helpful, and can even be dangerous. It appeals to the baser human instincts and avoids logical consideration of what is being said. I know that every TI out there wants people to hear and understand their situation and get some sort of help, and this leads many to write posts, blogs, or documents that highlight their emotional anxieties, fears, and imaginings. If you come across anything that has a lot of emotional content and little information that can be checked out and properly verified, be VERY careful of the writer’s affect on your understanding of things. I actually suggest completely avoiding such material, at least early on, because it has the least amount of value. You might gain some insight into the subject and find some comparisons to your own experiences, but you also risk learning false information that will throw you off. This leads to…

2) Unbeknownst to newly aware TIs, there is a purposeful program that has been going on for decades to create false beliefs regarding these subjects. These are very carefully crafted disinformation campaigns that involve many people, some knowingly involved, but many that are unwittingly being used to mislead people by having them promote false information. I can’t possibly list all the people I’ve personally come across who I suspect of being involved in spreading disinformation, and these people come and go over time, which is one of the ways that the mechanics of these disinformation programs work. I’m at the point in my research where I feel I understand the mechanics and purpose of these programs quite well, but to explain it all here would take too long since its fairly complicated and would require using specific examples that would require you to study them at length. What I must say here, however, is that most organized attempts to fight against gang-stalking and mind-control and bring awareness to these issues are quickly snubbed in the bud through various means, in order to derail real efforts. The most common method is through perp infiltration of such organized groups, so be VERY CAREFUL about connecting up with ANY organization or ‘official’ support group. These groups and organizations are watched very closely by the people who are orchestrating gang-stalking, electronic harassment, and mind control, so they are DANGEROUS to get involved with. Some are even using well-established cult methods to control members and effectively indoctrinate them into the perp mindset.

3) Apart from these organized groups, there are MANY perps posing as targets, and their job is to spread fear and confusion, usually by making claims that exaggerate the reality of the situation. I believe that most facebook groups and all other popular forums for TIs are heavily populated by perps posing as TIs. This doesn’t mean that there are far fewer TIs than you would otherwise think, since many TIs stay away from these places or just don’t post, and there are many perps who are essentially TIs as well. But again, when you see someone posting messages in these places that are laden with emotional content, or making claims that sound at all alarmist, do not accept what they say blindly. Even if the person isn’t a perp that’s purposely lying, many real TIs are VERY poorly informed, and have bought into a lot of the false information that’s circulating. Remember, we’re all at different stages of understanding, including these people, and so you have to be very careful of what to believe when you first start investigating these subjects. It’s always better to be reserved in what you accept than to believe something blindly.

4) How do you validate the worthiness of what someone claims? Well, the best way is to politely confront them and ask them for some background information that led them to their beliefs. If they come up with any sort of excuse to not be able to, such as that they fear reprisals from their perps, or that they ‘just know’ but can’t or won’t explain how they know, then disregard what they say and move on. Don’t waste your time with anyone who can’t show that they’ve used logic and reason in deducing the facts about their situation, or who are not willing to consider other possibilities. If, however, they can provide documentation for what they claim, don’t stop there, but look at the documentation, and look at it VERY CLOSELY. But again, BE CAREFUL. Much of the documentation that I’ve been referred to in this fashion has turned out to be short on verifying as much as is claimed by the person who referred me to it, or by the person who wrote it. A lot of material out there is speculation presented as fact.

5) Google is very useful for acquiring information, but it also has its pitfalls. The most popular links come up first, but they’re not necessarily the best to use for information sources. Google is rigged so that new information is actually harder to find, since it must become popular before it will make the top listings. With subjects like gang-stalking, electronic harassment, and mind control, there are a million or more listings that will come up, and many of them are repetitive. Also, those who are orchestrating these activities know how to keep their favored links coming up first, based on the intricacies of how google works. That’s a topic I don’t have time to study. I suggest learning to refine your searches for more specific information, rather than to just search for ‘gang-stalking’, ‘mind control’, or whatever, and don’t read just one article on a particular subject, but instead, read as many as you can to see what others might say as well. Then make your judgment.

6) I feel that I should give some pointers for newly aware TIs to get started, and although offhand I can’t list too many specific sources that might be useful, I can offer a few general areas to research. On the subject of gang-stalking, I suggest you read up on ‘occupational health and safety laws’ or ‘community health and safety laws’. This will provide a good understanding of how these activities got started and how they became so well organized and widespread. On the subjects of electronic harassment and mind control, it is very important to be careful what you read, and I suggest sticking to only the most professionally written and scientifically researched information. There are several sources that I will say you should avoid, only because these are ones that I’ve personally researched and can say without any doubt whatsoever that they are disinformation sources. These are: anything referring to the John St Clair Akwei case, anything written by Robert Duncan, anything that refers to the Robert G. Malech patent and satellite-based (laser) mind-control technologies, and anything to do with the person who goes by the name ‘Mell Mellhedek’ (if he’s still operating). I also suggest avoiding anyone at all who is getting heavy promotion online as an activist or TI advocate (particularly if they are affiliated with an organization or support group, such as FFCHS), since they are VERY LIKELY to be disinformation agents, whether knowingly or not.

7) I’ve been researching all manner of subjects directly or indirectly related to those discussed here day in and day out for many years, and I feel I have a very broad range of knowledge regarding most aspects of these subjects, compared to most people. I’ve been writing my own articles and documents related to gang-stalking and mind-control for the past few years as I continue to research them, and although I don’t claim to have all the answers or to always be entirely accurate in everything I might write (although I try), I think that my own work is well worth looking at. I attempt to avoid writing anything but useful and informative information, or uplifting pieces for those TIs who are losing heart, and I don’t engage in using emotional content (except perhaps for the uplifting pieces) – just straight information and personal insights, and usually of a unique nature. Although some of my work is speculative (based solely on the fact that certain information is impossible to verify), I always try to make it clear to the reader when it is, and to provide the most well thought out articles and documents that I can. I don’t do this for money or recognition, but only to record my insights and what I learn, and there’s no reason not to share these with others, so I do whenever I feel it’s worthy enough to publish. Although much of the information I write is not beginner level material for newly aware TIs (I don’t rehash what has already been published elsewhere for newly aware TIs), it will still be of interest to all TIs nonetheless. You can find my documents at, and other articles on my blog at I suggest that newly aware TIs who are interested in understanding how gang-stalking groups can organize and operate so secretively start with my articles, ‘Social Self-Destruction: A Secret War of Controlled Chaos’, and ‘The Network’. I always have several new documents or articles in the works at any given time, so there’s always something new being posted at those sites every month or so. If you ever have any questions or thoughts about anything related to these subjects or my articles, feel free to contact me on facebook (friend requests welcomed) or email me at

Stay strong and be well informed!

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