Sunday, March 31, 2013

Perps in Conference - Exhibit D

The following is a public post on facebook by the persona 'Osi Informers', and my unanswered response...

Osi Informers posted in Targeted Individuals California (WestCoast)

Osi Informers
6:31pm Mar 25


After many years of research and experience, We have discovered that this Scheme and Crime known as Organized Gang Stalking and Technological Harassment is ALWAYS perpetrated by and operates using a SCRIPT!. People wonder and ask "Why and how are these criminals able to recruit and enlist so many people into this Criminal Harassment Conspiracy? The simple factual answer to that is by MANIPULATION and SCRIPTING! from what is known as an Organized Gang Stalking Street Theater Harassment SCRIPT!. When victims of this crime have their personal and private information repeated or Parroted back to them by strangers and family in the form of Directed Conversations criminal harassment, it is done by these strangers and your family following a harassment SCRIPT!, when victims of this scheme and crime are being harassed using a certain theme, it is being done with a SCRIPT!, When these criminals asks or coerce you into saying, repeating or relaying something to a victim of this scheme and crime, they are handing you a criminal harassment SCRIPT to harass or psychologically terrorize someone else, and that criminal harassment SCRIPT is the rotten core, basis, fuel, and essence of this crime!


Harassment SCRIPTS are meant to harass us and other victims of this scheme and crime, and you are NOT obligated in ANY manner to do ANYTHING these criminal individuals may ask or attempt to illegally order you to do!, These perpetrator criminals are NOT of ANY authority to make you do anything!, Simply give them a stern WARNING! not to SOLICIT you to harass other individuals!

IF ANYONE SENDS YOU A MESSAGE AND ATTEMPTS TO (SOLICIT) YOU TO READ, SAY OR RELAY ANY TYPE OF CRIMINAL HARASSMENT (SCRIPT) PLEASE REPORT IT TO US ASAP! and post the perpetrator individual(s) internet handle and any available details about them online and warn others and the
public, that these individuals are attempting to criminally SOLICIT you to harass other individuals!

2 Facts to consider and realize.

(1.) By being SOLICITED by these criminal individuals to criminally harass other individuals by relaying or repeating information, on or offline, These criminals and YOU are involving yourself in a Criminal Harassment Conspiracy against the victim(s) and are liable to be sued and prosecuted!.

(2.) The CRIMINALS that are SOLICITING you or trying to coerce or intimidate you into doing this online are NOT of ANY authority whatsoever to ask or make you do ANYTHING and You are NOT required to do anything they may attempt to solicit you to do, You are NOT obligated to read, repeat or relay ANY type of information or follow ANY type of script from ANYONE!, Even if someone claiming to be "law enforcement" or "secret service" sent you a message and demanded that you do so, this would be CRIMINAL and AGAINST THE LAW! and you would also have the right to take legal action against the individual(s) for Criminal Harassment and Cyber Harassment. So unless you are an extremely ignorant weak individual that allows yourself to be manipulated and taken advantage of to serve the illegal criminal agenda of these criminals, just simply SAY NO to them and refuse to submit or comply to them and warn them not to harass you and SOLICIT you to harass other individuals on the internet with SCRIPTS!

To those that have read this information and SCRIPT WARNING! and ignore it and continue to engage in the relaying of SCRIPT harassment and criminal menacing of others, know that you're name and details will be added to a lengthy list of future lawsuits and criminal prosecutions.

By raising awareness of and exposing this Criminal Harassment SCRIPTING, We and others believe that this is one of the best and proactive methods and approach in combating and to begin putting and end to this Scheme and Crime!. If these criminals are unable to criminally SOLICIT the assistance of others to follow
their Harassment SCRIPT due to awareness of this SCRIPTING, then they are unable to enlist others to Stalk Harass and Violate others, which will render this scheme and crime useless!

Again simply refuse and say NO! to these criminals and sternly warn them not to harass you and SOLICIT you to harass others.

Thank you for you're time and attention and please help to circulate this information if you want to see the beginning of the end of this crime scheme!.

* * *

Is this a joke, Osi Informer? Are you really this stupid? Is this just another one of your brainless schemes to fish for gullible TIs who might actually fall for the idea that you have some sort of power or authority behind you?

I mean, really… I see right through this scam you’re posting!

The whole idea that someone is going around online asking people to say certain things to others or follow some sort of script is ridiculous, and you know damn well that it is! There’s something deeper to this latest scheme of yours…

You run a regular conference call for whatever reason, and you know you can create and concurrently run multiple false personalities in order to anonymously attack real TIs coming on to talk about their GS and EH, so you know quite well that nobody needs to be asked to follow any script! One person can do it all on their own!

And while I’m responding to this suspicious, fear-mongering announcement of yours, I’d like to ask, what makes you think YOU deserve to be informed by ANYBODY about any such suspicious activity? After all, if it’s actually YOU who is involved in what you’re describing, then getting names from the people approached by your other personas would only benefit you, wouldn’t it?

In fact, since I and others already think that you’re doing exactly what I suggest you are, this announcement of yours would only seem logical to do, from a perps point of view. It’s a standard tactic in criminal gangs and secret societies to weed out those who aren’t totally trustable from those who are, and this announcement of yours smells like it’s intended to do just that. Let me explain to others how this works so that they’ll know and can defend themselves, and I’ll use you as the lead scumbag…

You want to create a cult group of completely loyal and trustable suckers who’ll follow you like you were their god, so you need to test both their trust and their gullibility from time to time. In this particular scenario you’ve created, you first make friends with them under your current fake identity (Osi Informer), and get them to the point where they take part in your activities and seem to trust you enough to tell you things. Once they’re at this point, you then create a number of fake accounts and approach these people using those fake accounts, and you ask them to do this script thing on someone else you’ve gained the confidence of and want to also test. If either of them comes back and reports this to you (Osi Informer), then you know the person reporting trusts you enough to tell you about it. However, if either of them DOESN’T come and tell you, you know that they’re either too smart for your scam, in which case you don’t waste any more time ‘turning’ them, or they’re loyal to either you (Osi Informer) or the other fake persona you’ve used to exploit them, in which case your little game can take on another dimensionality of manipulation.

It’s quite obvious that such a smart cookie like you would already know all this, but others don’t, and that’s what makes this so suspicious, coming from you.

I suggest people avoid passing information about others around except PUBLICLY where that person can see it and answer to it (or remain silent as a sheep if it’s entirely true), otherwise you’re engaging in the very same activities that gang-stalking groups are defined by – and that’s what you become! After all, if you REALLY have an issue about what someone says or does, you should have no reason to whisper about it behind their back, and should instead speak up and approach THEM, rather than to report it to someone you don’t really know the character or the intentions of and who uses a fake persona, like Osi Informer does.


  1. Hey fool this ENTIRE piece of garbage post IS a SCRIPT relayed to you by the SAME criminals relaying other individuals these SCRIPTS! I could tell it was a relayed SCRIPT by just reading the first garbage paragraph, You are completely stupid and an incompetent IDIOT if you actually think anyone is going to even consider anything within this GARBAGE post,Its well obvious that NO ONE even reads your stupid incompetent blog post's anyway, LOL what a joke,LOL. However on a serious note, What people has to realize about this useful IDIOT LOSER Anthony Forwwod is a turned recruited PERPETRATOR coached by criminal PIG COWARDS. Mr "Forwood" and his zero IQ brainwashed zombie troll mentality goes around SLANDERING and defaming and character assassinating not only OSI but FFCHS, Magnus Olsson ICAACT and many other innocent individuals such as Elisabeth Jane Buchanan that he was recruited and coached to do by criminal PIG COWARDS relaying him SCRIPTS and coaching him what to say and do to attack and provoke other individuals and organizations using outdated Cointelpro tactics!.... Mr "Forwood" This post and all of your other criminal CYBER HARASSMENT and DEFAMATION IS being reported and your facebook account is going to be entirely shut down, then its only a matter of time until legal action is taken against you for your coached and SCRIPTED SLANDER against us and other individuals, As of now its only a matter of time for you and your fake TI (provocateur) PERPETRATOR persona Mr "forwood"........

    Any other individual or organization that this recruited coached COWARD has SLANDERED DEFAMED LIED ABOUT or offended that wants to join in on reporting and taking legal action for this cowards SLANDER and defamation please post here and include evidence of the libelous or offending posts

  2. Osi....your a prick. Why dont you use your real name arsehole. Ive already got people onto you which i doubt legal action is capable of defending you from.

  3. You just prove yourself with your mouth, OSI Informers. Thanks...