Sunday, March 10, 2013

False Realities

If you look at the sort of material that’s disseminated among other targeted groups than the one you are a part of, you can more easily see how their members all have similar experiences but have quite different interpretations about them. If this is the case, then it stands to reason that perhaps some or all of these groups (including your own) are being misled according to their preferred beliefs and inclinations. What makes you so certain that your chosen group isn’t the same?

Here is a link to a document written by James Bartley, a well-known author/investigator of ‘alien abduction’ experiences. In this document, he describes the experiences of people who believe they’re alien abductees. In this case, he claims that reptilians are invading their dreams, very similar to what many TIs describe. When you read it, you can simply replace the word ‘reptilians’ for ‘mind-controllers’ and ‘abductee’ for ‘TI’ and it will sound far more familiar to many TIs.

My point here is to show how targeting experiences can be interpreted in whatever way the TI has been conditioned to interpret them, based on what they’re inclined to believe and what information they’ve been fed by their perpetrators. Note the similarity of themes: dream invasion, voices in the head, attempts to change the character of the person, sexual abuse, satanic undertones, subliminal influences, etc.

Note where Bartley describes the ‘icky tingly energy’ that an abductee feels after waking up from a dream invasion. He interprets this as a reptilian leaving the person’s body, but it could more plausibly be interpreted as the effects of EM brain entrainment that’s used in dream invasion technology.

Also note that he attributes the psychosis of methamphetamine use to reptilian possession, rather than what it really is – a drug-induced psychosis. Such a psychosis is probably the real reason that a meth user might think they’re having targeting experiences (you will know how likely this is if you’ve ever experienced this drug-induced psychosis yourself).

Further, note how he describes the experiences in a strongly suggestive manner, stating them matter-of-factly as though they are to be expected. This same technique will be found throughout all the published works of the most heavily promoted and best recognized alien abduction researches, including Karla Turner, Barbara Bartholic, Kay Wilson, etc. I suspect that these people are really working for the PTB, publishing carefully crafted material that people who believe they are abductees gobble up, thus helping to sustain their false beliefs about their experiences.

I see this same thing going on with those ‘researchers’ and ‘advocates’ who tend to gain exceptional recognition among the TI community through the publishing of equally suggestive material based on false beliefs and exaggerated facts. As with all of them, they are consistently short on providing any objective analysis of the reported experiences, and rely almost completely on the literal subjective interpretations of the experiencer. In the case of ‘alien abductees’, the alternative suggestion that they might be victims of MKULTRA-style mind-control inflicted by nothing more than ordinary humans is far too quickly denied. I see this same denial going on among the TI community when alternatives to what they already believe are suggested, particularly when what they believe is based on nothing more than their subjective interpretations, usually influenced by material put out by these heavily promoted ‘researchers’ and ‘advocates’. I strongly suspect that all of these people – and perhaps even you the reader – have been conditioned to deny anything other than the beliefs that they have been led to accept.

It’s all just a manipulative ploy in which the PTB use advanced hypnosis techniques and various scientifically explainable technologies to make the target think that what is going on is something other (and usually more) than what it really is. People like James Bartley are given heavy promotion in their respective circles in order to add weight to the false beliefs that have been instilled by their mind-controllers. They may not experience the exact same things as what ‘alien abductees’ or other TIs describe, but the underlying methods used are basically the same. ‘Alien abductees’ were just the first among a variety of false reality scenarios, all of them used as covers for the truth about the mind-control methods being used.

Nanotechnology, Remote Neural Monitoring, and other exaggerated technological wonders are heavily promoted online in the appropriate circles for a very good reason – to further mislead TIs who have been conditioned to believe that their attacks are caused by one of these nonexistent things, while avoiding the far more plausible and much likelier causes that can be explained by existing technology and techniques.

The purpose is two-fold:

1) To throw the target off the track and thereby incapacitate their ability to defend themselves;

2) To make the target appear to be delusional about their situation by believing in things that don’t really exist.

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