Thursday, March 14, 2013

Perps in Conference - Exhibit B

Alejandro Dan Brown
Dear Mr. Forwood.
We would like to talk to you.
Is this possible?
  • Anthony Forwood
    I'm here right now. Talk.
    And who is 'we'?
  • Alejandro Dan Brown
    You sent a message to Sondergeld yesterday. And I think we should or could discuss this message if you agree
    Sondergeld is included in this conversation.
  • Anthony Forwood
    So what is your concern?
    Sondergeld was actiong very suspicious in that conference. He needs to answer for that.
    extorting money and playing guilt trips on TIs is a big NO-NO!!!
    Everything that me and my friends do online is recorded and catalogued. No that now.
    We publicize ANY suspicious behavior among the TI community.
    False identioties can be traced to their source.
  • Alejandro Dan Brown
    what makes you believe there is "extortion" involved?
  • Anthony Forwood
    Is there or is there not a demand for money? That's what I saw being made in the conference.
    Stop aanswering questions with questions. You want to discuss or do you want to just fisj for info?
    I see that you're tied in with Joselle Rosero and Robert Duncan. Correct?
  • Alejandro Dan Brown
    There is a human trafficking situation and the person needs to be freed out of the non-payment non-compensation entrapment
  • Anthony Forwood
    You can't use your intimidation on me OR my friends. What someone else is involved in is NOT our concern. What are YOU doing about it?
    You are trying to extort money from people using guilt and intimidation. STOP NOW!!!
  • Alejandro Dan Brown
    I am bringing attention to the human trafficking situation and i am bringing attention specifically to the non-payment, non-compensation entrapment that is endangering the HT victim's life
  • Anthony Forwood
    Do you really think that I don't know about the international slave trade? Do YOU realize who is uinvolved???
    Who is this unnamed person you are trying to extort money for?
    What will you do YOURSELF to help this unnamed person?
    And what do you expect OTHERS to do about it?
    You need to answer these questions and stop beating around the bush!
  • Alejandro Dan Brown
    I am already doing my best but I see that you are only replying with fear
    I am trying to save a life
  • Anthony Forwood
    REMEMBER... All of this conversation WILL be publicized.
    WHAT are you doing, specifically? Give me detail.
  • Alejandro Dan Brown
    I don't agree with this and i have a policy against you publishing what i write.
  • Anthony Forwood
    There are 7 billion people in the world. Why should anyone care about some unnamed person YOU are concerned about?
  • Alejandro Dan Brown
    What I write is what I write is my intellectual property and I do NOT ( repeat NOT ) give you permission to publish my writing. You are hereby notified to refrain from publishing what I write.
    (c) copyrighted to me
  • Anthony Forwood
    You aren't trying to save a life... You're wasting people's time not accounting for yourself. ANSWER MY QUESTIONS.
  • Alejandro Dan Brown
    I am not interested in talking to you anymore.
    please leave this conversation
    you are WASTING MY TIME
  • Anthony Forwood
    You read it whatever way you want, but youll make a mistake when you find out you reaqd me wrong.
  • Alejandro Dan Brown
    you are wasting my time. you are not contributing toward a solution. i see no reason to proceed. please leave.
  • Anthony Forwood
    Your a fucking moron to think you can pull this ridiculous scam on me or my friends.
    Go away.
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