Saturday, November 3, 2012

The Dream File

Your waking world is a fantasy, and your dreams are your reality.

We don’t often remember our dreams, and this is a purposeful manipulation. Our dreams are where we are closer to our true essence, but we’ve been fooled into thinking that they are insignificant occurrences, and that our waking moments are what count. We are trapped in an illusion, tied down in a physical drama that is only a stage game. The real and significant events are those that go on when we are slumbering in the forgotten depths of sleep.

There are a few people who recall wisps of dreams of being in situations that do not reflect anything about their waking life, but which continue over time in a sort of second reality. These dreams reflect a whole other world that they can only ever retain the faintest memories of, images and sounds, places and people that usually fade too quickly upon waking to be able to remember what was experienced – where we were, who we were with, or what we were doing. Occasionally something is retained, but rarely ever enough to understand what was taking place.

“I was in Okinawa, a place I had never visited before. I was on a military mission of some sort, although I’ve never been involved in anything military. I was stationed in someone’s home in a suburban neighborhood that I didn’t recognize, getting ready to follow through with orders I got from I know not whom. There were no other people that I saw. I suddenly realized that I had forgotten to bring something with me to this place that was half a world away from home, and I had to go back for it. Suddenly I was back on home turf, out at the outskirts of town, standing by the road with the vacant farm fields on either side of it. I look up at the western sky and see a bright light swoop across from the south and swing down in a curve towards me. I was happy to see it. Suddenly it is landed behind me in the field on the other side of the road. It has turned invisible, but I know where it sits. I pull out a pistol and fire a shot at it. I don’t know why. Next thing I know, I’m back in Okinawa, prepared to continue with my mission. I gather my equipment in a pack and slip it on my back before heading out into the residential streets.”

The above is a dream scenario that I remember very distinctly, a rare glimpse of my nighttime experiences that I’ve burned into my memory as I’ve pondered it’s true significance. It stands out, not just because of its complete lack of relevance to my waking life, but more so because it’s so similar to certain reports I’ve heard from a number of other people over the years. Dreams of military operations and UFOs. The stark similarities are too real to be coincidence.

I did a search through my collection of downloaded documents for the keyword ‘dream’, and the very first file contains the following (from Gang Stalking World blog, November, 2010):

“With new technology they will be able to try to manipulate the dreams of people. There is technology now, that could potentially implant characters, events into dreams. I am not sure how advanced this is yet, but in future you might dream of complete strangers that you don't know, only to have real life versions of those people manipulatively cross your path.”

I had dreams long ago of people who were completely unknown to me in waking life, but who would continually arise in my dreams. Recently I’ve been realizing that they may have been the people who are around me now – my neighbors and certain other acquaintances – people who I’ve come to feel an aversion to, just as I had felt towards them in my dreams. These people are not right. There are things about them that make me not want to associate with them. They are immoral. There is a sense of sub-humanness about them, just as in my dreams.

I also found this in the same file:

“I believe that most of these so called alien encounters have been government kidnappings period. Either real physical kidnappings or done remotely at an astral level.”

“In the dream when I reflected I got a sense that the room had been used to experiment on people, to fool them that they were being experimented on by other worldly beings. It was a strong impression that I got when I reflected on the dream later. The strong impression was that instead of the one object that I did see in the dream, that normally the room would have had a table, and it was used for experimenting and that the people were fooled. The faces they see are images implanted, to hide real life creeps who do sick experiments.”

In my own dreams, more often than not, people are never anyone I know in real life and faces are never seen, or not remembered.

The following is quoted in the file, from

Visual memory can also be seen. RNM can send images direct to the visual cortex, bypassing the eyes and optic nerves. NSA operatives can use this to surreptitiously put images in a surveillance subject’s brain while they are in R.E.M. sleep for brain-programming purposes.”

The document then continues:

The images are being implanted to mask experiments that are being done at either an astral level, meaning you never leave the room with your physical body, but your astral body is experimented on. The dreams and the flashbacks would be very real, some people I suspect would have a hard time distinguishing the two if they were not aware of astral projection or astral dreaming. You can have a dream in astral and have flashback days, weeks, months later or never at all, and the flash backs would seem like a real world flashback if you did not know better.”

This relates directly to a dream I had as a small child, of a small humanoid creature standing beside my crib looking at me. The memory came to me as a flashback years later, and for no apparent reason, just as described above. This sort of dream memory flashback has never occurred for me before or since.

Another document I have (‘Dream Manipulation and Mind Control Technology’, by Jaye Beldo) discusses secret government technology that can access a person’s dreams, and the author states:

The authority figures are barely human looking, i.e. they try to assume a human appearance but not too convincingly. Their faces are undefined, out of focus and usually darkened. The dreams take place in ‘foreign’ countries unknown to me-they never replicate actual places I have been or know about in real life.

My own dreams, particularly the one I related early on above, often occur in places that are unknown to me, or where I have never been or know about in real life (Okinawa is in a foreign country to me and I’ve never traveled there).

The author goes on to say:

The dreams nearly always take place in the 3:30 to 6:00 AM time slot. Rarely before or after this time period.”

In reflecting on my own dreams, they also seem to take place at a similar time of day, or at least when there are no other people about (in the dream), and with a sort of predawn or twilight atmosphere. I rarely ever see other people in my dreams, although there is often the presence of someone else with me, usually an adversary, captor, or someone similar, and always faceless and unidentifiable.

Another document I have (‘Agent Buried Alive’) relates the story of James Michael Casbolt, who claims he was an experimentee in Project Mannequin, which is a secret government mind-control and genetic enhancement program run by the NSA. The project was started in 1972. This project seeks out and uses people with rare genetic attributes, particularly those with good psychic potential. People from certain bloodlines are sought out, mainly those with Celtic/blueblood genetics (especially those with Rh-negative blood). Many of the experimentees are used against their will, and their involvement often starts when they are very young children. The purpose, according to Casbolt (and others), is to create programmed “sleeper” agents (espionage agents and assassins) using sophisticated electronic hardware-based hypnosis. Advanced memory-erasure techniques are also used, as is advanced remote viewing (clairvoyance) techniques. Some of these sleeper agents have been programmed to ‘awaken’ when certain major events happen, and this may culminate in an orchestrated ‘End Times’ scenario, to officially usher in a New World Order. This project has a ‘life plan’ for individuals, which will be used to advance its agenda. If one person in a family is being used in this program, then the rest of the family will also be used to some extent as well, as a security measure.

Whatever is going on, whatever the dream world might actually represent, there is a depth to reality that most people have barely paid any attention to, and it may be that others are already aware of this deeper reality and are taking advantage of our ignorance of it for their own benefit.

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