Monday, November 5, 2012

Why NOT to Watch Internet Videos

These can very easily contain:

1) Embedded audio or visual subliminals
2) Audio or visual preprogrammed triggers
3) Neuro-Linguistic Programming effects

When you are focused on watching TV or a video, your brain goes into a receptive state. You’re brain goes from a beta state to an alpha state, where your brainwave frequency lowers to below about 11 Hz, and the left-brained functions that relate to thinking and logic are suspended. This makes you far more suggestible to what is being input, and you can notice this after you’ve been watching something that grabs your attention so intensely that you seem to be living the activity almost as though you were taking part in it rather than just being a spectator. Of course, as soon as you notice this, you activate your left-brain functions and your thinking about it immediately raises your brainwaves and you’re back up in a beta state again. But as soon as you focus your attention back on what you were watching, and become absorbed once more, you sink back into an alpha state of higher suggestibility.

Our brains switch innumerable times from alpha to beta throughout the day, so it isn’t uncommon at all. It’s a natural part of brain activity. But the important thing to understand is that when you’re in an alpha state, you’re very receptive to outside suggestions, and as long as that alpha state can be maintained, you will absorb information, suggestions, and ideas without giving them any thought. It is absorbed as true or as real as anything else, without being given the critical analysis that thinking normally provides.

This knowledge about the brain and its various states and the heightened suggestibility that can be induced is often put to use by unscrupulous people who seek to influence others. In the case of TIs who are looking for answers or information about their targeting, it’s known by the mind-controllers who target them that TIs frequently use the Internet as their primary information source, and many of these TIs tend to resort to watching Youtube videos or listening to podcasts that have become so frequently produced by supposed experts on various subjects that relate to their targeting.

The mind-controllers do not want TIs to figure out how their targeting is being accomplished, since this would allow them to take steps to protect themselves from it, so the mind-controllers produce and present many different videos and podcasts featuring targeting concepts that attract the curiosity of TIs. It may be on the subject of electronic implants, electronic weapons, nanotechnology, chemtrails, alien abduction, psychic attacks, etc. Whatever will support the suspicions or beliefs of a TI seeking to understand their own particular circumstances.

The mind-controllers are also smart enough to employ people who act as proponents for TIs and their cause, and these people spend a long time cultivating the acceptance and trust of TIs, and those who are successful at this and begin to develop a following are used for the purpose of both disseminating false or misleading information, but also for the application of mind-control techniques through videos and podcasts. The same methods that are used can’t be so easily applied to written material, because reading written material allows a person to stop at any time and think about what was just read, which upsets the brainwave induction that’s needed to put the person in the necessary suggestive alpha state before inserting the desired suggestive material. It can still be done with written material using certain writing techniques, but it is far less successful and very limited in its application.

In videos and podcasts, the mind-controllers are careful about the timing and presentation of scripted spoken material and the presentation of ideas. They know exactly how to present information so as to manipulate the audience’s mental state into alpha, at which point they can slip in a subtle suggestion that will usually go unnoticed because the overall dialogue keeps the audience in a receptive alpha state long enough afterwards that the suggestion enters the subconscious without being allowed to be analyzed by thinking about it.

However, rather than the speaker verbally stating the suggestion within their dialogue, the mind-controllers are much more likely to insert it subliminally by overlaying it on the soundtrack or embedding it in the screen images. This is far safer from detection, and nobody will ever be able to go back and spot the suggestion.

What sort of suggestions might be given in this way? Well, it’s not very likely that a person will become mind-controlled very strongly or for very long by this method alone (over a short duration), but for those TIs who are already being mind-controlled by other means, this method is very useful for maintaining and strengthening certain aspects of the mind-control. For instance, it is important that the mind-controllers keep their targets from ever believing that they are under mind-control, so they are routinely given suggestions to deny the possibility that they are. On top of this, the mind-controllers can use suggestions to direct a target to believe the wrong things so that they don’t begin to believe the right things. Also, the mind-controllers can direct the target to take an interest in such videos and podcasts, so as to continue the effect over the long term, which will serve to strengthen the suggestions being given.

The mechanics of mind-control is often quite complex, and understanding how it is applied in all its various ways requires is not easy to grasp. Some people might think that mind-control requires undergoing intensive programming in a laboratory, or the insertion of implants, or the creation of alter personalities, or the use of advanced secret technologies like satellite-based lasers, etc., before it can work. This may be the case in some situations, but these are not necessary, as long as the suggestibility of the target can be affected. All that is really required is the ability to hold the attention of the target and the trust of the target in the person giving them information in order to open them up to their suggestions. When you add subliminals and hypnotic techniques that can be applied through electronic means, videos and podcasts can become just another weapon in the arsenal of the mind-controllers.

Given the fact that they have been developing and refining their methods for over sixty years, and will make use of any and every platform for applying their techniques, online videos and podcasts meant for TIs is a very high candidate for such abuse.

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