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The Kay Wilson Abduction Case

Kay Wilson claims to be an alien abductee, and has written a number of online books about this phenomenon and her experiences with it (The Alien Jigsaw, Project Open Mind, I Forgot What I Wasn’t Supposed to Remember). Kay Wilson is certain in her mind that these experiences are actual encounters with aliens, and that she is an emissary for benevolent beings.

In I Forgot What I Wasn’t Supposed to Remember, Wilson describes how she first learned of her experiences after having filled out and mailed in a questionnaire in OMNI magazine that asked about typical abduction symptoms such as missing periods of time, etc. She received a response and was soon meeting with Budd Hopkins, a very well-known figure in ufology and an expert on alien abductions. Hopkins put her in touch with various other people, and Wilson was soon fully believing that she was an alien abductee, and doing the lecture circuit at various UFO conferences, talking about her purported experiences.i

It should be noted that Kay Wilson, believing so strongly in her alien abduction experiences, would be an asset to any mind-controllers who wanted to promote the alien abduction paradigm to throw people off about what might really be going on.

Budd Hopkins is very well connected with the CIA, and is in a very good position to manage any of their MKULTRA mind-control victims who begin to notice any telltale symptoms, such as memory leaks. It was Budd Hopkins who coined the term ‘screen memory’ to describe the false memories that are used to cover up real memories of abduction experiences by earthly entities.

The OMNI questionnaire could have been directed by the CIA to lure in MKULTRA victims whose screen memories were starting to break through and needed reinforcement before the real memories they covered up started to break through as well. Through Hopkins, Wilson says she was put in touch with a psychologist who performed a number of tests on her and diagnosed her as having Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), which is a symptom of having undergone trauma-based mind-control. Although she claims that hypnosis was never used on her at any time in order to retrieve her memories of her experiences, either this psychologist or Budd Hopkins could have hypnotized her at some point when they were with her, and without her ever knowing it.

Wilson says that she was married to a USMC pilot before she became aware of her experiences, and this is suggestive of how she might have become involved in mind-control as a victim. After her separation from this man, she describes having an ‘inexplicable’ desire to join the CIA or FBI.

In her book, Wilson urges anyone who believes that they have PTSD to contact one of several UFO groups, but these groups are generally known to be infiltrated by CIA agents who are there to manage and contain such mind-control victims who are sent their way by people like Budd Hopkins.

Wilson also urges people who believe they are experiencing alien abductions to keep a journal. Although this might be good for therapeutic reasons, it provides the handlers of mind-control victims a means to keep tabs on what these victims are doing and thinking, and would reflect any possible breakdowns in the mind-control programming.ii

In reading her book, it appears that Wilson offers more of her own interpretations about her experiences with these aliens than she offers any specific information coming from them. This is odd, considering that she believes she is some sort of emissary. If she was, she should have some good reason for thinking so that goes beyond just a feeling, and if she had been told she was, she would have tried to explore that with the aliens she says she interacted with. But she seems to have failed to. It’s more likely that she was made to think this in order to gain her cooperation by making her feel important to them, and nothing more. One of the few pieces of information that she claims to have received from the aliens, as reported in her book, was this: “Foster the alien children for they shall be revealed. More lights will be visible through Earth’s spectrum of particles.” Her interpretation of this was that ‘they’ are coming back and will reveal themselves to us, and we will start seeing lights that will be their craft. This is nothing that hasn’t already been claimed, believed, or suspected by all sorts of people, and has been said at least since Andrija Puharich began dabbling with psychic mediums in the late 1940s, and continued to do so as a participant in MKULTRA projects for several decades after. This certainly isn’t any sort of new revelation, but certainly acts to attract and hold the attention of the abductee, and any other true believers of alien intervention. Near the end of her book, Wilson starts describing scenes she was apparently shown of war, destruction, and death, stating that she felt these were visions being shown to her of the future, but she is never explicitly told that this is what the visions mean. She was left to draw that conclusion on her own. These visions are nothing new, either, and people have been claiming such visions for decades, even centuries, but as is always the case, premonitions of the future of the world are either very obvious outcomes, or they’re completely wrong. Further on, she states: “It is possible that we join forces with the Greys, Blondes and Hybrids and fight another more aggressive species of alien Beings. This opposing group might turn out to be a segment of humanity who will vehemently deny and then attack what they will witness first-hand an extraterrestrial presence on Earth.” If she is really under some form of mind-control, as I strongly suspect, it is more likely that this will be a staged deception that will be created by the mind-controllers, or is at least meant to confuse and misdirect people’s expectations or perceptions during some future event.

Wilson spends some time in her book promoting other high-profile authors and investigators of the abduction experience, all of who tend to be in a position to control the dissemination of information on this subject.

Regarding some of her experiences, Wilson asks: “Why would they go to these lengths to deceive me into believing that I, and some other people, exist in more than one dimension or that we can move through time, if this is not true?” Further on, while questioning the occurrences of MILAB (military abduction) experiences during abductions (including her own), she unintentionally suggests an answer to her own question: “Whether we are dealing with extraterrestrials or a nefarious group of powerful human beings, there appears to be a disinformation campaign underway. This has been orchestrated to mislead abductees – and therefore the research community and the public – as to what the truth is. In order to take the focus away from the true agenda, the aliens may want us to remember seeing “humans”, and the humans may want us seeing “aliens”.” However, Wilson states that she is totally against the possibility that MILAB experiences could be a sign that all alien abductions are staged military events, but without ever providing any sort of objective evidence to base that notion on. It’s very suspicious that she is so fixed on this as being the only possibility, considering that the numerous MILAB experiences she describes having are far more detailed than any of the experiences she had with aliens, the latter of which are only ever given as vague references.

In keeping our feet grounded in the most plausible of possibilities, it is more likely that alien abductions are nothing more than humans trained in hypnosis and other mind-control techniques who choose people who are more easily convinced by orchestrated scenarios involving humans that are perceived to be aliens.

But Kay Wilson is determined that these experiences are alien in origin. Further in her book, in describing the public’s reaction to her research, she states: “…sometimes it seems more people are interested in the ‘MILAB phenomenon’ than in true abductions by, and interaction with, extraterrestrial Beings.” Could it be that the public is just being more reasoned and logical-minded, and are not emotionally attached to any particular beliefs or experiences surrounding this phenomenon?

It’s strange that Wilson would describe situations that sound remarkably similar to mind-control symptoms or scenarios, including uncontrollable desires to go to isolated locations, memory flashes of events that she can’t place in her normal life, a sense of another entity or personality within her, experiences that seem to take place outside of space and time (creations of the imagination), inexplicably losing consciousness in the presence of strangers who come to visit, waking up feeling drugged, strange clicking noises on the telephone, finding military personnel at the side of her bed with electronic gadgets that they even claim are for mind-control, etc.

Something else that’s interesting about Wilson is that she explains that her first strange experience was a UFO sighting she had when she was sixteen years old. She also points out that from the time she was twelve years old until she graduated high school, a neighbor of hers who lived two houses down the street was a career officer in the CIA. She states that her sister babysat for them regularly, and she had a few times as well. This puts her directly in the hands of the people who run the MKULTRA mind-control programs, and at the very time that her experiences first started.

After one experience that she describes, Wilson states that she had a buzzing in her left ear for the next two days. This is a common early symptom of electronically induced mind-control, such as with V2K (voice-to-skull) technology.

A very telling entry in her book reveals her quick acceptance of whatever she might be led to believe. This incident involved a man appearing at the side of her bed who was holding a small electronic device and claimed it allowed him to “get inside of the mind”. Wilson concluded that this apparition that she claims to have had a conversation with was a hologram. However, elsewhere in her book, wherever she claims to have seen aliens (very infrequently), she gives no thought to the possibility that they might also be holograms.

Wilson describes the love she felt for many of these aliens, particularly a certain alien she refers to as the ‘Diplomat’. This sort of love is similar to what mind-control victims consistently have towards their controllers.

Wilson also explains her surety that she was really dealing with aliens and it wasn’t an effect of drugs or interrogation in this way: “I guess I would have to say that it’s from seeing and interacting with many Greys throughout my lifetime that I believe he was really there. I felt his hand in my hand. I know what that feeling is like because I’ve experienced it when I did not feel as if I had been drugged.” However, this ignores the very real possibility that she was hypnotized to see a certain person or persons as aliens, starting very early on in her experiences. The fact that she totally overlooks this possibility suggests that she may have been programmed to avoid considering the idea. That Wilson so often mentions the feeling of being drugged during her experiences may actually be due to being in a deep hypnotic trance whenever she was interacting with her controllers. Further, she describes communicating with them through telepathy, but this again could be due to the fact that while under hypnosis the outer world and inner world often become indistinguishable, and the mere suggestion that telepathy is being used would result in it seeming to her that it was. At the very least, it doesn’t seem that Wilson has ever heard of V2K technology, which allows sounds and voices to be beamed into a person’s head through pulsed microwave signals, and has existed within the arsenal of the US military since at least the 1960s.

To understand this issue of possible hypnosis better, there is a point where Wilson describes a woman who she can’t remember the name of, and suggests that she was programmed to not be able to remember. However, she fails to explain how she might have been programmed. She states: “Even when I look at her, I am consciously aware that I have known her for a long time, but my mind will not allow me to even “think” about her name.” Could it have been hypnosis that was used, and could she have also been programmed to not think of hypnosis as the means used to program her? It makes far more sense than anything else. It certainly covers the tracks of her perpetrators, and hypnosis is as effective as anything else that might be suggested.

There is another example soon after this in her book, where after she describes a scene where she finds herself with Budd Hopkins, Whitley Strieber, her husband Erik, and an alien who they are considering taking a picture of. She later states: “I do not believe Budd, Whitley, and Erik were really with me. Their images were constructed by this Being’s powerful mind…” Again, she ignores the possibility that the entire scene could have been a creation of the mind, and instead clings to the idea that the aliens are real while other things that seem just as real are not. In fact, there is a strange entry in her book a few paragraphs further where she states: “Budd has worked for decades researching abductions and we know one another. If he told me to take a picture of an alien, I would feel rather compelled to accommodate him.” Why would she feel so compelled to do whatever he said, unless Hopkins had a hypnotic hold on her mind?

Something that needs to be said about apparent telepathic communication with aliens… Traditional forms of mind control involve creating alter personalities (MPD), and these personalities can be programmed to have certain characteristics and to perform specific tasks when necessary, including monitoring or controlling other personalities, whether it’s the original one or other alters. These different personalities can also be co-conscious and aware of each other to different degrees, or totally unaware of each other, or only aware under certain specific situations, and can seem to be either inside the person or somewhere else. This opens up the possibility that Wilson has multiple personalities, and that one or more of her alters may even be experienced by her as alien entities, and that one or more of them might communicate to her in what would seem like telepathy, for lack of any better explanation for hearing them inside her head. The point is that there are a number of possibilities, given the known facts about mind-control techniques that are or can be used.

There are several indications in Wilson’s book that she had exposed herself to a lot of material on alien abductions and related subjects throughout her experiences that could very easily have influenced the content of her thoughts and experiences. For instance, she talks about Whitley Strieber’s book Communion, and praises it as her favorite book. She also mentions having read long ago about tetrahedral geometry and the possibility of inter-dimensional beings living on Saturn. It is easy to see in reading her book that she draws a great deal of speculative ideas about her experiences from this material. This only exacerbates the problem of determining what is fact and what is fantasy, both for herself as well as for her readers. It would be interesting to know how much she has researched (or avoided) the subject of mind-control.

One more thing that needs to be pointed out. Wilson claims that some of the aliens she had experiences with were benevolent beings. However, several times she stated that these particular beings were responsible for manipulating events in her life in order to achieve the outcome they desired (such as separating her from her first husband). In my opinion, no truly benevolent being would ever manipulate or force a person into a particular situation without their prior conscious consent. That is just not the way that benevolence is acted out. A truly benevolent being would do no more than to offer or suggest a certain course of action, and allow the person they are helping to make the decision on their own, without pressure or force.

At one point, Wilson describes memories of having some sort of medical procedure being performed on herself and a number of others. In questioning where these memories might come from, she says: “Did these men really put me into a SUV and take me somewhere else to perhaps film this or record this ‘Liquid Memory’ hypnosis session? I doubt it. Why go to all the trouble?” This brings up a point that needs to be explained. The insertion of full blown, completely realistic screen memories doesn’t require staging scenes and acting out parts for the sake of fooling an abductee, which is what she seems to be implying. Through hypnosis, the person can be directed to create these scenes in their minds through suggestive input, which can be done relatively quickly and without having to relocate the person during the procedure. The suggestive input might be designed simply to add information that will mislead the person as to what’s really going on, or it might be more significant than just that. Whatever the case, the hypnotist merely guides the person in creating the scenes in their heads, and the full-blown detail and realism are due to the level of hypnotic trance and heightened suggestibility of the person. It would be much like having a controlled lucid dream. Your mind can simulate any sort of experience that might be described. If it’s given enough freedom to do so, it can be quite imaginative in filling in details, or it can be given quite intricate details that are very specific. It all depends on the suggestive input being given.

Further in her book, Wilson describes a long repressed memory of an event that occurred eight years before she realized she was an abductee. It was a hospital-like setting with ordinary humans, and they were performing brain-mapping procedures. A man was being prepared, and had his hair shaved short and grid lines were being marked off on his scalp. Since this scene apparently occurred early in Wilson’s experiences, it would make sense that she was having her brain mapped for later mind-control using electromagnetic technologies.iii

Wilson states: “I think the reason I rarely remember traveling to their craft is because the process of transporting aboard is so disconcerting to me, that I have either asked them to block it from my memory or they block me from remembering because I become so upset.” So we see that there is very little evidence that she really has to be able to conclude that she’s actually being taken anywhere. This same lack of memory of being transported to alien craft is found in many other abduction cases.

Wilson often describes having scenes projected into her mind telepathically. I question how she differentiates these from other remembered scenes, other than that they take place during those remembered scenes. Could it not be that the remembered scenes are themselves simulated by whatever means (such as hypnosis), and these projected telepathic scenes are just a part of that?

Something that Wilson misses from most of her descriptions of her remembered experiences, and which I feel is very important if we are ever to understand what might really be going on, is background information on each incident of having a memory, such as the state of mind that she was in and what she was doing at the time that the memory surfaced. This information is missing from many other abduction cases as well, in spite of it being very important for determining the reality of what is going on, since there might be something significant to them that could reveal what is causing these sudden memories and what lies behind their occurrences.

It seems that as Wilson’s experiences progress, the aliens become more and more indistinguishable from humans, and it’s only her sense of being able to identify them as alien that leads her to think they are. This could be because she had been hypnotically instructed to see certain people who worked with her as aliens, and over time the false imagery of them faded while the idea that they were alien remained intact.

The length of many of Wilson’s remembered experiences seem to be far too long and detailed for memory flashbacks, let alone normal memories. However, they are not at all too long for scripted scenes that could have been fed to her with a few descriptive cues to lead her in creating them in her mind.

Near the end of her book, Wilson discusses certain experiences she had that seemed like remote viewing, and suggests that it might have been some sort of virtual reality technology. She states: “Some of the military-type remote viewings could actually be a form of training for abductee-experiencers via virtual reality scenarios using alien technology.” She obviously isn’t aware of the fact that such technologies are completely within our own human capabilities. There is no need for aliens or their technology for anything that she has experienced. That this sort of technology might exist, and could be the reason why so many people are claiming to have virtual reality type dreams of being on military training missions (myself included, at least once), may be real enough, but for other reasons. Such virtual reality dreams may have military scenarios only because these scenarios fit with the entire deception, and add to further misdirect attempts to understand what is really going on. However, I do feel that there is some significance to these scenarios being some sort of mental training or to test a person’s responses to given situations.

Wilson even admits that she finds her MILAB experiences to be difficult to distinguish from the virtual reality experiences she’s had, and this adds further weight to the possibility that she was never really abducted by aliens, and perhaps not even by humans. All of these experiences could have been induced remotely by mind-control technologies. She even makes the connection between these types of experiences and the experience she had with a member of the military being in her bedroom and holding an electronic device that he claimed could do this.

At the end of her book, Wilson includes several remembered accounts from another woman she knows named Doreen. In one of these accounts, Doreen is describing an object she sees, and states: “I looked at it and as soon as I tried to make a face out of it a face would start to take shape. Whatever form I would think of it would start to take on that shape.” This sounds like a dream or the effects of hypnosis, where the imagination is in full operation. I offer this as further evidence that these experiences are creations of the mind rather than objective experiences.


It is my opinion that Kay Wilson’s abduction experiences were entirely human in nature, and that she was selected and used in an MKULTRA-style mind-control program. I believe that Wilson has also been used as an unwitting agent in promoting a false reality that is being used extensively (and very effectively) to cover up the experimentation or application of mind-control technologies.

It has been my personal experience in attempting to talk to other alien abductee claimants that the mention of any other alternative explanations for their experiences are quickly refused with no reason given and before ever being considered fairly, which suggests that this is a routine part of the programming. I have noticed the very same refusal to consider alternative explanations among claimed targets of directed-energy weapons and mind-control, which leads me to believe that they are also being purposely being deceived as to the true nature of their experiences.

The fact that Wilson has received extensive promotional help by key people in ufology circles (many who happen to be connected to military or intelligence agencies) is very significant, and only leads to further doubt about her interpretation of her claims.

i This is virtually identical to what occurred with Betty Andreasson Luca.
ii Interestingly, many infamous assassins and mass murderers were found to have kept journals. Eric Harris, one of the Columbine killers, had kept an online journal that would have kept his handlers apprised of his activities as they related to the final event.
iii Brain mapping indicates that EEG responses are being recorded as they correlate with given stimuli, so that the responses can then be ‘played back’ at the person in order to reestablish the same brain state.

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